The Baby Party

I had major last minute anxiety before the baby party on Friday night. Majorly. I had a mental breakdown. In my car. Driving home from packet pick up for the Shamrock Shuffle, the 10K I was running on Saturday morning. I was crying, loudly, and trying to message my friend Jess, to cry about it to her. She is also preggers, just a month behind me, and although she is generally much more naturally maternal than I (and much more obviously excited about her impending motherhood!)

I seriously just came to terms with the fact that we were doing this, and our friends and family were going to find out the gender of our baby at the SAME TIME as we were. J and I were not going to have any time to digest the results and stuff before everyone else was on TOP of us, getting excited and wanting to talk about things when we have not even had a chance to talk about them ourselves. I had just come to terms with the fact that I had absolutely no idea if I wanted that.

But by 2 pm on the day of the party, there was no way that I could make any changes to the situation. Folks had made plans, traveled to town (in the case of my dad) found babysitters in some instances, etc, we could not cancel the party no matter how I was feeling. Naturally, J was very little help in this meltdown, just telling me that he thought the party was going to be lots of fun and he is very excited about the party. Thank you J, for doing nothing to help me feel better about what we are getting ourselves into.

My dad arrived in town around 4, and that was a help. That helped me to start to relax because I was able to tell him my worries and my fears, and he helped me to relax about it. Plus, I knew that if I just gave Leah a "look" she would know that I needed some talk OTHER than baby stuff. So she would come and chat with me about running, my new appliances, etc, to get me back to "me" and that had potential to be a huge help. Eventually, we were on our way to the bar and our friends started arriving there. Because we had made arrangements beforehand, Mike & Dave (the bar owners and our friends) had some tables set aside for us and our friends.

Traffic seemed to be pretty bad for "Friday light" and we were getting lots of texts from our friends saying "stuck in traffic, running behind!" but since we were waiting for several people and not just one it made it much more doable. My dad had previously met most of the crowd that was there, at the wedding, so he started chatting right away. Once the majority of the gang arrived (J's mom and sister were the last ones), we decided it was time to do the big reveal. I was already calmer since the appliances had been installed and one big thing was done that had given me a little bit of stress for the day.

Leah went back into the kitchen with Dave to get the cupcakes out of the cooler that had been there since lunchtime.

 Mommy & Daddy (Daddy was shocked. He was definitely banking on a boy!)
 Me and the girls. Katie, Leah, Sara, me, and Karen
Me and Leah the Baker! I am so glad to have her in my life and to help me out with everything that I might need!

So if you have not seen this on facebook or Twitter yet, it is a girl, and we are very excited! Despite all of my meltdown, I am glad it is done now. I am glad we got to spend time with our friends, and we had a good time. Not sure that it is something we would do again for a second baby, but I guess I am mostly glad that we did it.


  1. Congratulations!! This sounds like a really fun way to find out the sex of the baby, but also a little overwhelming. This will definitely be a great memory for years to come:)


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