Sunday Baking

That last blog entry definitely felt good to get things out there. I am definitely aware of the fact that I put far too much pressure on myself to "perform" and to work so much harder than would be necessary. I know that I can and should continue working out and running. But I also know that I should not be so hard on myself when I am just not feeling it on any given day. That is ok.

Regardless, I am starting to feel a little bit better, more comfortable, and more confident now that I have gotten it all out in the open. Maybe I just needed to admit it upfront!

Now that it is Sunday, I am doing all of my normal Sunday stuff. Cooking and baking. J requested chocolate chip cookies, so I made them. It might just be the best batch of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made, according to my husband. So obviously, I am a big time winner today! I also baked bread. I bought yeast a little bit ago to make pizza dough for our homemade pizzas (that J also loves) but I had never made bread before.

So REAL bread with yeast and that had to wait and proof and everything.
Whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread. I am so pleased with this. I modified the recipe to "healthy" it up a little bit, but that did not seem to really effect the turnout of the bread. J and I both ate a slice when it was still hot. It turned out really well.

Then as I hung out and watched tv, I got some nice happy company.
She had her head in my lap and was sleeping. It was nice and cuddly for me. Having her with me made me feel good since normally she would choose to be with J over me under most circumstances.

What did you get done today?


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