Saturday AM Racing

Friday went well. We had a good date night. And then Saturday, it was time to get our run on.

I got up early in the morning. 6:30, the usual time for a Saturday when I go to run group. I took care of my little puppies. Let them outside, fed them, etc. All three of us (me + 2 pups) headed down to the basement so I could get several miles in before the race. My goal was to get in 6-7 miles (ending me at 9-10 for the day after the race). I found something on TV (chopped) and hammered through 7 miles, feeling great throughout. I am loving that getting 7 miles on the treadmill is no longer the most difficult thing that I have ever done. The new basement set up is definitely a very big part of that!

After that run, I went upstairs and got into some much warmer clothes. J got up and started getting dressed as well for his run. Neither of us were really looking forward to the race. Yes, I have run in temperatures that were colder than it was on Saturday. But for whatever reason, I just was not feeling the race. I was cold, J was feeling negative about it, and it was just not my day, I guess. I didn't have a plan going into the race. I had already run 7 miles, so I sort of felt like I should stick with my husband for this one.

Once the race started, we took off together. J and I started out at a nice 10 minute mile ish pace. We left Bockfest Hall and headed into downtown Cincinnati. About 4/10 of a mile in, J's breathing was labored and difficult. He stopped to walk. I walked with him. He immediately pushed me on, forward, saying "you can go!" I told him that I wanted to stick with him this race, my mind was made up. We kept walking. After about 6 times of J encouraging me to just go, and about a half mile of walking, I finally started running.

I passed tons of people and started to make up for a little bit of lost time. I ended up finishing the race in 29:36 (I am pretty sure that was my official time!) and was definitely pleased with that considering I walked around a half mile! I got my water, returned my shoe tag, got my medal and my heat blanket.
I went into the Hall and got J a pint glass. He had requested one if I finished the race early. I put it in the bag that they gave me, and headed back out to the course in hopes of catching J at the finish! He did, at just after 40 minutes which was his "C" goal. But considering how the cold really affected his asthma, I am so proud of him for getting it done. Now we have 2 more races in the beer series, and I think (and hope) that the next two races will be warmer, but not too warm.

The race took us through downtown, but the northernmost part of it. We mostly were in Over the Rhine, which is not a place that I generally spend a lot of time in. We got to see some things that I honestly have not seen as far as the area goes, and I was not moving so fast, so I got to enjoy them.


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