Run Everyday.

So, I have not been doing the greatest job keeping up with current things that are going on. I spent the first two days of this week just writing about some stuff that went on Friday night and Saturday morning. So basically, nothing...  I am just struggling with the week as a general rule, and so I am just writing about things that are positive around here. Or at least, I am trying to focus on those things that would be considered positive.

So far my week has been pretty good. I am still on the March #runeveryday train from the I <3 to Run facebook group. It included 1 mile run before my crosstraining on Friday, and then on Sunday hammered out one more mile. Normally a non-run day (if I do anything on Sunday it is usually yoga).
Monday was a short (5K) run and a bit of upper body and core strength training. Tuesday was a longer run (7 miles) on the treadmill. I don't want to talk about today yet, because I am not sure where I will end up yet. I hope to get in 5-6 miles and some strength training as well. But we will see how I am feeling and how much work ends up getting done this morning & afternoon, along with what J decided his plan is for the day. I am not sure when he will be home from work or anything as of yet. I could also switch days and do my crosstraining/walking today and then do a run on Friday, but we shall see.

Today we have our gender screening ultrasound. Hard to believe that it is here already. I am nervous for it. I am not sure that I want to do it. I know, that is crazy. Most people are ridiculously excited to get to see their baby, and I am just scared. I guess I am scared because even though I have been struggling with everything, it will become real after today? And I guess that has both positive and negative consequences. At least for me and my mental health.

The ultrasound is done. The gender has been discovered and put in a sealed envelope. This envelope has been hand delivered to Leah B. On Friday, we will know.


  1. Wow, no way I could have waited!

    1. Yeah, when I handed leah that envelope I felt a little teeny pang, but its only Friday. we will know then AND I should have some great pictures. :)


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