Recovering Body from a Late Night

I send Karen out with a wish of luck, and telling her to bring some science fiction with her to read, hoping that it has the intended results. Do you know where she is going based on that statement? Jury Duty! Does my suggestion to bring science fiction to read make sense? (I am NOT picking on science fiction - it is my genre of choice!) I have heard that some lawyers use the logic when selecting a jury, that if you read things like that, you obviously believe in it. And if you believe it,  you are likely to believe OTHER far fetched stories. Now, I have no idea if that is true, but I figure it is worth a shot! Remember when Carrie has jury duty on Sex and the City and she sits next to the guy who pulls weird fruit out of his briefcase?

Now, that is not necessarily the way I intended to start this entry, however, since it was happening as I was typing, it seemed like an appropriate start. And it made me chuckle as I was thinking about it/writing it down.

So I think that sometime over the course of the day yesterday my body recovered from the late night that I had at the theater. I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Karen at Panera yesterday, which made me feel great to eat a big ole salad for lunch. Plus, I know that she needed a break to get out of the house. It was her first day with no Bradley. He was at a babysitters house, where he will be two days per week from here on out. There will be another kid or two there with him, giving him a day care experience without the day care. I know she is excited and that is what she wants for him, but it still is weird, I would think since she is so used to having him around her all the time. I think she was even a little bit bored!

I packed a little bit of my favorite snack to eat in the afternoon yesterday, which I blame my mother for, since she brought them to me.
I just packed two cookies in a little baggie, just one serving, and really enjoyed them as an afternoon snack. I guess that is how you have to manage things like that. Isn't that what they say? Moderation...

After I got home, I hit the treadmill immediately. The dogs came down to the basement with me, I turned on the Biggest Loser, and I started running. I finished the episode that I started on Tuesday, which is the last episode prior to next weeks finale! I have loved watching the show this season. I accomplished 7 miles in just under 65 minutes, for an average pace of 9:12/mile (or approx. 6.5 mph). It felt like a pretty good run, overall, and while I was on the treadmill, I had a dream dinner in the oven so J and I would be able to have a delicious meal at home.

Now it is time to get one with my work day. Have a lovely almost Friday!


  1. Yes, I'd have to put the rest of that bag on lockdown to not eat way too many. The kids are loving the yellow springtime ones right now. I am staying far away.
    Very nicely mill work!


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