My TJs Re-creation

Yesterday I toured my first school/daycare. J and I would really like to send bebe girl to a "school" versus a daycare center, because we are both well educated, and we really would like to foster our little girls mind right from the start.

I took the first visit because it is much easier for me to fit these things into my schedule than it is for J, plus most of the school we are looking at are close to our home (and my office) since I will likely be doing most of the pick up and drop off responsibilities! We had kind of determined that I would do the visiting, and if I liked it but had questions, then we would try to arrange a time when he could get over there to see it. Obviously, it is the only place we have seen so far, but it is at the top of the list!
We have two more tours this week, including one that J will actually be joining me on (Friday!) because he has the day off! Hopefully one of these three schools will fit us as a family and we can get the process started of applying, etc.

When I got home from my tour, I knew it would take about an hour to prep and cook dinner, so I decided to spend some time watching Long Island Medium while walking on the TM. Teek actually jumped on it for a minute since she was curious what Mommy was up to, but it scared her and she got right back off. We walked (ok, I walked and the dogs wrestled) for an hour, and I posted my #bestfoot proof.
After that, we headed up to the kitchen where I pulled my bowl of precooked, already mashed sweet potatoes out of the fridge. I was planning on trying my hand at one of J and I's favorite prepared foods from Trader Joe's. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage butter.

I had found a recipe online for gnocchi, but I am pretty lousy with recipes, so I usually just end up winging things. It was basically used as a guideline to know what I needed to make sweet potatoes into a "dough" and how to boil them/know when they are done. I have never tried to pretend I am a cook or that this is a food blog, so if you want to know recipe/measurements, you will have to let me know.

Here are the gnocchi all chopped up. I don't have a fancy gnocchi rolling board and I am super lazy and was not about to use that fork method (that would take FOREVER), so they are just plain.
As you can see, there is a lot of flour on the outside. Holy smokes was this a sticky dough! And yes, they are not the prettiest little balls, but I was pleased with how all of these turned out after rolling and cutting.

My finished product. I think that in this picture they sort of look like little nuggets or something! After they were boiled, I topped them with a sage, browned butter sauce (just like TJs!) and we ate roasted green beans on the side. They were really good, and the flavor definitely was pretty well SPOT ON the trader joe's prepared/frozen food!

J also loved it! We will absolutely be making this recipe again. It was nice to be able to measure my own ingredients (or not...) and know exactly what I was putting into the food.

Have you ever cooked something that seemed fancy/intimidating, only to find out that it wasn't so bad?


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