Light Week - I Need It

I plan on making this week a light week, running-wise. As you can see from last week's mileage on the entry that I posted yesterday, I have been running hard and fast and a lot of miles. (Not super fast or anything, but definitely faster than I anticipated at 20 weeks pregnant.)
I mean, look at that, I am dealing with a little banana! That's not a sweet pea anymore! So yes, I have been attempting to listen to my body, etc, and I am just struggling with everything. So because I am in this situation, I definitely am going to lighten up this week. I have run over 40 miles in two recent weeks, and well over 30 on other recent weeks. That is high mileage even compared to my first marathon cycle.

Because of the mental aspect of pregnancy that I am currently dealing with (don't really want to chat too much about it), I am exhausted. Legs are good, legs want to keep running, but brain does not allow me to wake up in the morning for a good AM workout. That exhausts me. Just the thought. So I definitely want to try to ease up a little bit. Still get nice SOLID workouts in, every day, still RUN everyday, but limit it a little bit more.

I am continuing to work through my mental barriers and I will continue to do so. I think that is the only option that I have right now.

Over the weekend, I made a new recipe for breakfast! I made just four servings of it, and ate one that day, but the others I am eating this week, with the last one tomorrow.
Baked oatmeal. Egg whites. Craisins. Cinnamon. Milk. Almond butter. Obviously the almond butter was added today after it was reheated for a little bit of good fats (there was very little fat in this dish) not to mention a little bit of staying power. It has worked out pretty well for its staying power, so I think I am going to stick with it. Plus it was pretty delicious!

Do you ever take a light week for your mental state rather than because you are injured?


  1. Hi, looks like I'll be looking forward to your posts more. It's going to be my inspiration since my husband and I are planning to conceive this year. That's why I'm taking it easy with joining races as I don't want to waste money if I end up not going because I got pregnant.

    Take it easy! :) Have a safe pregnancy. :)


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