Incoherent Ramblings?

I can't really focus on writing this post. Something in my head has apparently completely stolen my focus away from me, which is not allowing me to get the words on to "paper" that I so need. I am nearly all the way through my Bloglovin (yes, that is what I went with in the great google reader loss debate) and I have not even written the first paragraph of my own daily entry (I think this is why I sometimes envy those of you who think about this and prewrite these posts).

I spent my lunch hour sitting at the deli, reading a book on my kindle trying to regain any focus I might be able to. I am not sure that it worked out for me all that well, in reality. My focus is just as disheveled as it was before I went to lunch. However, I did get in 45 minutes of reading time, when I was able to focus on something, so that was a positive! I just feel like there is a lot going on right now. A lot that I don't have control over, which (shocker!) is very difficult for me to deal with.

I think that having so much going on is definitely a large part of what is making me so exhausted.

All of the above was written yesterday. I was not sure how to finish the post, and in reality, I had very little to say on the matters that I was trying to write about. Yesterday was a tough mental day for me. I felt pretty down for the majority of it, just trying to deal with a very busy work day, and some personal stuff that was going on. It was a toughie.

At about 3:30 yesterday, I decided to go outside. I walked around my office building, did laps, until I reached one mile (yes, data anal to the point of using runtastic on my phone when walking laps around my office building). I came back into my office feeling a little bit refreshed. I had a 15 minute break, I had exercised a bit, and that felt good.

My shin has definitely still had a few little niggles (very very small) even though I stopped wearing the newtons. Far less pain than it was, but I still would like to nip it in the bud.
This was after my run on Wednesday evening. Ice ice ice. I figured it cannot hurt, no matter what might be wrong with it. I iced for about 15 minutes last night and retaped as well.I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that I still get to run the Glass City Half Marathon at the end of April, which I registered for the day that registration opened (ie: long before I knew I was pregnant!) I know that it will be a slow go on race day, maybe even with some walking as I will be 26 weeks pregnant (I think?) but I still want to cross the finish line. A small victory, right?

J and I have what we think will be our final daycare visit this afternoon. It is between this place and the place that I visited alone on Tuesday evening, I think. My coworkers children go to this school, and she is expecting a new baby just a week after me, and that baby will likely go here as well. So our little one will have a built in bestie from the start! (Neither of these two little girls will have a choice!)

I apologize for the bit of fluttering posts from early yesterday that is at the beginning of this post. Sometimes pregnancy brain DEFINITELY gets the better of me! (Do you know how many times I have dropped my phone in the last 24 hours? 8! Think that's pregnancy brain?)


  1. I get writer's block on the blog occasionally too. I try to just sit back and let life's adventures tell me what to write about. Sounds like you did too!

    1. That is pretty much exactly what happened. Once I got through yesterday, today was just a better day overall.

  2. It happens to all of us. It must right? Have you totally stopped wearing your Newtons?

    1. Yep. They had nearly 300 miles on them, so I don't feel too bad, I hear that the more minimal shoes don't last as long, but honestly was hoping the newtons might be an exception!

  3. Happens to all of us! I remember back when we were searching for exhausting! It was really tough for us since we needed to find a place that had two openings. Not easy!


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