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Let's chat now about some happier things! Running! We are almost at the end of the March #runeveryday challenge, which is hard to believe. As of right now (the time I am writing this post on Friday), I have two more days left of running to complete. I will do a long run on Saturday (I am shooting for 10 miles. That seems like the normal mileage from looking at several half marathon training plans for how far out from the GCM Half that I am) and then on Sunday will be 1-3 miles, depending on how I am feeling after the long one. That seems to be pretty reasonable, right?

I have been doing a lot more taking it easy on runs this week. My mileage has been lower, my pace has been a little bit slower, and I have been walking on some days to get my mileage up a little bit. Not to mention keep my legs loose and moving.

On Wednesday I just ran three quick miles after work. I kept the pace up and ran them at around a 9:05. Teek and Zeus hung out with me in the basement. I sometimes think that they have some fun down there with me. They hang out, wrestle, play with their toys that we just leave down there to keep them occupied. Ok, they probably do not enjoy being cooped up in the basement (even though it is better for Zeus than his crate!) but I like to have them for company.

Thursday, as I said in my other entry, I went for a 1 mile walk at work, which refreshed me enough to survive the rest of the day. When I got home, the dogs and I turned on TV and I covered 4 quick miles. For some reason, our DVR appears to be struggling with something, and it won't play anything? So I have just been watching Friends or HIMYM or whatever is on TV at the time. I think yesterday during my 4 miles I watched family guy. I took the pace nice and easy and did the miles at a 9:36 average pace. I also did not take any bathroom breaks DURING my run, which is a HUGE win since I have been needing so many recently.

Friday is typically a crosstraining day for me. But since mileage has been a little bit light this week, I decided to run and THEN walk, instead of just run a mile (to run everyday) and then walk. So I covered 3 miles at a 9:18 pace and then walked until I got to 60 minutes. It ended up getting me to another 2.14 miles. My weekly mileage per daily mile is 27 this week so far. That is rounded up or down, obviously, as DM tends to do, but it is still a pretty good amount for the week, especially considering I haven't even done a long run yet.

Now, at the beginning of the year, I decided that my goal was 20-25 miles per week, or approximately 100 miles per month (to hopefully get me to 1200 per year). Now, I have been trying to get over that consistently, just in case I end up having a C-section or something and am out for a good amount of time after the baby. And this month is a definite chunk out of that.

Now, as you have seen, I have been consistently in the mid-30s and over 40 a few times this month. It was pretty great. But somehow now the 20-25 miles just seems like not enough to me. When I first set that goal for myself it was tough to get it. Honestly. But now, when I don't get 30, its seems like I am not doing enough. When obviously I am doing far more than a lot of people. My highest mileage week during ALL of Flying Pig training, was 40 miles. And that is not very many more than I am running regularly now, if at all! So I guess that just means my endurance is greater in general?

What are your running plans for the weekend? Have you ever had a run streak?


  1. Em, do you think you'll ever try an ultra?

    1. Yes, I need my redemption/sub-4 marathon after Columbus, and then I may move that direction. I kind of like what I know about them so far as far as community goes, PLUS speed is not emphasized as much, its all about endurance. So, I would LIKE to try the "run like a turkey 50K" in toledo, and see how it feels.

  2. There is a beautiful trail 40 miler in Greensboro and of course you and J would have a place to stay. It's called the triple lakes. In October :)

    1. I am interested... You want to run too? I will look into it. :) I have lots of work to do before I am ready for 40 miles lol!

  3. With the yoga studio I don't currently have time to train for a marathon or ultra, but that race has three distances. It's got a half, a full and then the 40 miler. I'd do the half again. I had a blast running it last year,it's a race I want to do again for sure!


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