Goodbye to My Shoes

Ummm...  a SPAGHETTI SQUASH? What? The baby weighs a whole pound? How the heck did that happen? Seriously. Also, I have been pregnant longer than I will be pregnant (assuming I go on time, etc). That is unreal to me. But this is not about pregnancy. I mean, not completely, anyway. That is not the focus of this blog.

Today I want to talk about THESE:
(recycled photo)

My Newtons. AKA - the love of my life running shoes. I loved these shoes. One, they look awesome. I mean, they are pink and black! Nothing wrong with that. Hubs got them for me back in August as an anniversary gift, and I used them cautiously. They were my transition shoe into a lighter shoe. They taught me to run properly (on my forefoot) as they do not allow you to run any other way. They served me well during my Vegas Half in December. That was the longest run I ever took them on.

They, according to the tally from yesterday, have 260 miles on them. Not that many. I wanted to stretch these shoes out since they are so pricey, and I knew it would be unlikely that I would purchase them again, unless J got them for me as a gift again. I typically ran in them twice a week, no more than five miles at a time. They were typically getting 8-10 miles per week on them. Some weeks more, some weeks less, I would guess.

I think they have met their end. Now I had heard that you cannot expect to get as many miles out of a minimalist shoe in general, but I sort of expected something different from the Newtons I think. And they have disappointed me. If you look at them, you might think that they are ok to run in still. The lugs (on the forefoot to encourage your proper running form) are not too worn down yet, and the heels (where I have worn down previous pairs of shoes) seem completely fine.

But they are KILLING my shin. I noticed it several weeks ago, but honestly, mostly ignored it and just hoped I was not getting a shin splint. I ran an easy three in them Friday, with pain. Saturdays long run I ran in my asics. Like a good little girl. Sunday, I wanted to keep the runstreak alive, so I ran just 1 mile in the Newtons. I survived it, but I did mention to J (who was watching basketball on the couch next to the treadmill) how much my shin was hurting and how I was afraid that my newtons had reached the end of their life cycle.

Despite all of this, I ran again yesterday. In my asics, because I did not want to risk pain. I just do not need that right now. And the run HURT. Badly. I had to get off the treadmill. Stretch. Cry a little. I taped. I stretched. I foam rolled. I iced. And this morning I laced up the asics for a zero pain run. Seriously. Zero. For 6 miles and nearly 1 hour (57 minutes) on the treadmill. I am SO PLEASED. And I am definitely attributing the weekend pain (and even yesterdays lingering pain) to the shoes.

I am disappointed that they did not last longer, but I am cautiously optimistic that I have properly diagnosed the problem and keeping those shoes away from running forever. And hopefully, I can continue in this pain free manner.

Cross your fingers for me!


  1. That's interesting! I've never tried Newtons but they are pricey so I thought they'd hold up better! I have my Brooks pureconnects and they are minimal so I notice a lot of wear and tear due to the foam bottom but no pain!

  2. I used to run in Brooks Pure Connect (my first love) then transitioned to Newtons. I was told that they wear off easily. But so far, I'm doing great with it. I love it.


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