Gender Reveal: Tonight! & staying on track

Ahhh... yes, it is finally Friday and for that, I am grateful. It just seems like it has been an excessively long week this week, and I am really glad to be nearing the end of it, and glad that I have a lot of fun things going on this weekend to keep my time occupied.

Despite all of the stress of the week, I have been really glad to have a constant source of snuggles in my life.
Mama's handsome man. (What happens if the baby is a boy? Does that mean he cannot be mama's handsome man anymore? Hmmm.... lots to think about once we find out the gender tonight!)

That has definitely been where the focus has fallen this week. The gender party at our favorite bar. It has definitely taken a little bit of willpower (not calling Leah and BEGGING her to tell me the answer since she already knows), a little bit of coordination (getting to doctors appointments, work, dealing with a snowstorm, delivering the sealed envelope), and a lot of deep breathing. The deep breathing I think is what held me together through the week, and I needed it.

I really should get better about practicing yoga or learning to meditate, shouldn't I? I think I might be a lot more calm if I was consistent about either of those things.

Today was a crosstraining day, as Friday's always are. I decided to do things just a smidge different than I usually do though. I ran a mile in 8:58 (gotta get in at least one for the #runeveryday challenge!) and then I turned the treadmill down to 4.0. Every half mile I changed it. Between 5.0 & 6.0 and then back down to 4.0. So the first half of the mile was walked (uptempo) and then the second half was jogged, fairly slowly. Including that first mile I was on the treadmill for an hour and got in nearly 5 miles. I call it a win.
Not the most lovely #proof picture, but its there, and I did it. Again. :) I am nearly 19 weeks and still hammering through 30+ miles per week. At least for the time being. I do not want to jinx myself though. I really want to make sure that I can keep running until the GCM at the end of April, because I am really looking forward to that.

Not to worry, as soon as we post on facebook the gender of the baby (which will likely be later on tonight!) I will post on the blog. I am not big into keeping it a huge secret or anything. That is just not my thing. So this weekend we'll have a Bebe Nix update, I would imagine!


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