Friday night - Date Night

I know yesterday's post was a lot of talk, a lot of running my mouth, and very little else (if there was anything else in there!). For that, I apologize. I just was definitely feeling a little bit guilty about how much whining I do here. I know that it is my place on the internet, I can do whatever I want, etc, but I still feel bad, because I am really not that negative of a person. Or I try not to be!

The weekend was much better than that though. We started out on Friday night with tickets to see Joe Rogan at the Taft Theater. That was the present that I bought J for his birthday. I went downtown a little bit before 5 pm to get our packets for the Bockfest 5K. I had a little trouble finding the location of the pickup, despite having my GPS because of the turn arounds (one way streets or streets with boulevards), but I made it with plenty of time. The pick up was quick and easy. I got bibs, timing chips, and t-shirts for the both of us, and made my way back to the car to head to the parking garage to meet J for our dinner. We had planned the Banks, but that is about it. We decided that if Crave was not busy, we would go there as he had never been there for dinner, and I had never been there at all!
The food there was excelled. We started with a shared order of beef street tacos. They had kimchee on top, and I have to be honest, that is not really my cup of tea. I picked off the majority of it. I think because it reminded me of onion. Although I think it is really pickled radish or something? J ordered some sushi for his dinner (leaving me jealous) and I ordered a brick oven personal pepperoni pizza. But it also had goat cheese on it (no lectures about soft cheeses, my doc gave me the all clear!) making it a little bit more special. Plus you all know how the crusts are in one of those fire ovens. So so good. I ate the whole thing, less one piece that J stole from me. It was worth every single bite and every single greasy calorie. I am growing a baby, and I want that baby to like pizza, right? Lol.

Following that, we walked the few blocks up to the Taft. J did some complaining about the cold since there was going to be running in the morning outdoors for BOTH of us. I wasn't feeling worried about it since it was not that windy and I have run in much colder already this winter a few times. But I can see where he is worried about it more. He has asthma, and it has been particularly bad recently, and the cold weather is likely to aggravate it even more.

But we arrived at the Taft after just a few blocks of walking.
And it was clearly the evening of a comedy show. Lots of people smoking and the faint smell of pot lingering in the air near the doors. We went in and found our seats right away. Neither of us were drinking, so we did not need to go through the ID check, and we had our tickets scanned and made our way to our seats. They were pretty good seats, and I was glad that I ordered the tickets when I did, even though it was likely a little late in the game. I just put in best available on ticketmaster, and we ended up in row W. So yes, I guess it is good that I ordered when I did in order to avoid the balcony or the very last row! Regardless, the theater is well laid out, so you get a pretty decent view wherever you are.

The show was to start at 8 pm, but with so many people in line to get beer (seriously, saw people walk into the theater with 5 BEERS in their hands/mouth) they did not dim the lights until at least 8:10. Admittedly, this is the kind of thing that irritates the heck out of me. And yes, I am pretty particular, I know, but I paid for this. At least have the courtesy to be timely!

The first comedian was lousy. I will not mention his name, but neither J nor I found him to be that funny. The second comedian was quite a bit better, not quite as over the top raunchy, and much more funny (to us). I mean, don't get me wrong, a lot of people were laughing at the first guy, but in all honesty, I was just grossed out by his jokes. Finally, Joe came on. I was nervous about this as I had heard he was very raunchy as well, and recently that kind of thing has been less appealing to me. But I listened to a little bit of his stuff on youtube and agreed that I would go with J, instead of him taking one of the guys.

I am glad I went. He was very funny, not too raunchy at all, and we got to see a super drunk guy in the front row try and leave (to go get a beer, or go to the restroom or something) fall down and be completely unable to stand back up. Joe even was helping him by holding him up by the arm, etc. That guy is not going to remember a thing. And because Joe was helping him, the spotlight was on this guy and stuff, it was hilarious. I hope some of his friends were sober so they can tell him exactly what happened.

Overall, we had a really great date night, and it was far different and better than most of the ones that we usually have that just involve tap house and an early bedtime!


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