February Goals Review

Hard to believe it is already the end of February, and therefore also time to review my 2013 goals and see how things are going.

1. I ran two races in February. Granted, they were both virtual runs, but it definitely started me on my way of achieving this goal and catching me up for the race that I did not run in January. I ran a half marathon for Kyle’s Krusade.

I also ran a 10K just one week later for the Sweet Cupcake Virtual 10K.

There will be more races to come from me in March though! I have a half marathon, a 5K, a 10K and a 15K! I think that I am going to rock March! So hooray for that! Links above for the race recaps of the two races that I have done for the year, as well as my first two races for the 13 in 2013 challenge! There are 10 races to go for this goal on the year.

2. I made lots of new recipes in February. Last night I made some homemade potstickers. They turned out great and I will be continuing to work on the recipe and making it again sometime very soon. I also made Hawaiian turkey burgers, chicken rollatini, pasta with chicken and broccoli rabe,
photo (43)

homemade BBQ chicken pizza

Cheddar, BBQ Chicken and Apple Quesadillas

So that makes 6 new recipes in February with 3 recipes from January. So that is already 9 recipes out of the 10 recipes for my goal!

3. I have continued to maintain my login streak on My Fitness Pal. It is currently 153 straight days.

4. This month, I was on a roll! I completed 30 workouts. Adding that to the 25 workouts from January, I am at a total of 55/213. Therefore there is 158 workouts to go for the rest of the year.

5. Run 1200 miles.

As you can see, I hammered out 135 miles in February. That is the highest mileage that I have had since my huge month way back in September when I also had my 50 mile week! I had several weeks in Feburary that were over 30 miles, which is definitely something that I am proud of. That is 251 total miles for the year. That means I only have 949 miles to go on the year!

February was a great month, so I hope that March is just as good!


  1. You're rocking your 2013 goals so far! Great job! February was my lowest mileage month for a while, but with all of the snow and ice, I was ok with taking a little break before half marathon training ramps up. :)


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