Fartlek Run and Time OFF

Was it really just yesterday that I said I planned on having an easy paced, low-mileage week this week? Whoops. Lol. When I got home from work last night I found what looked like a potentially fun fartlek workout that I could easily do on my treadmill.
It was a good run. Not too easy, and not too tough. Sometimes I worry that I push myself too hard for the baby, but then I remind myself that my breathing is under control, so I am just fine. :)

I was on my own at home last night, so after I did that workout, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. It was just so easy, and it was delicious, in reality. Was it a meal? I dunno, but I really enjoyed it. I sometimes like when J is out of town so I can eat things like that, call them dinner, and don't have to worry about what he will think. Tonight he is hanging out with a guy friend, so it might be the same thing, which I am once again excited for. I might actually try and MAKE something tonight (cauliflower crust pizza has been calling to me) but I am not sure if that will happen or not.

Or I might pick up a sandwich...  hehehe.

I just met with HR at my company to discuss what the plan is for maternity, how it works here and what do I need to be aware of. It was very helpful and made me feel slightly more prepared for what I need to be aware of and doing in the coming months to make sure that I am prepared for what is to come. I feel more comfortable now and I am looking forward to planning out the REST of my time off for the year!


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