Adding a Little Color

Finally I managed to drag myself out of bed at my normal time on Thursday morning. I actually blame the baby girl for that one. I woke up about an hour before my alarm to go to the bathroom (she makes me have to go a lot!) and then I did not get back to sleep after that. So I figured that I might as well get up and hit the treadmill. At least then I would feel like I was accomplishing something. So I got dressed, grabbed Teek and headed for the basement. I started out slowly, and tried to take it easy (at least, kind of), but by the end I was kind of bored, hence a lot of randomness. Here was my run:
Do you like my pretty spring picmonkey decorations? Sometimes I even think I should pay for the upgrade to use the other features. Its a super neat app.

Anyway, as you can see, I got a little impatient at the end of the run and started moving things around more frequently. I do not normally start out with 10 min/miles, but I was definitely feeling pretty tired when I started my run this morning, so I figured it was a good day for a nice and easy run. That pace is quite a bit slower than I have been running, but as you all have seen, I have been trying to be better about listening to my body, and listening to little Bebe Girl Nix. So when my legs and stuff felt tired, I figured it would be a good plan to go a little bit slower, take things a bit easier.

When I got home from work, I decided to do the Workout of the Week from the Spring Challenge! I got it from the link in Amanda's weekly email and she had a link to a you tube video where she demonstrated all of the moves. It definitely got my heart rate up, and it was tough on my arms and hamstrings, so I would consider it a win.

I made some dinner last night for us. It is a recipe I have made before, but we both really like it.
Bacon Chicken Apple BBQ Quesadillas! I love seeing the green sneak out in that instagram picture. It makes me happy that I choose to buy green apples, just for the color inside of that quesadilla. And it is a delicious dinner. 

J is on the road for the weekend, he is probably in Dallas right now, at the airport, and he will be heading to Tucson after that. He is working all weekend in Tucson. I am jealous of him being able to be in some nice, warm weather, but I was not able to make a quick turn around on plane tickets or anything for this trip, so I am here for the weekend. I am looking forward to having a little bit of time to myself at home, to get things done that I might not necessarily do with him here, but I still wish I was with him, I think.


  1. You should definitely go for the PicMonkey upgrade! :) I love it, and use it constantly on my blog. Those quesadillas look delish!

  2. Cool - I've never used PicMonkey!


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