A Productive Friday Evening

I feel as though Friday was potentially a good day. I was nervous going in because Zeus woke up in the middle of the night crying. I think he must have had a nightmare or something. He was crying in his bed. And he just kept crying. It made me feel sad for him. So J and I took it as baby practice. We got him up and let him hang with us. Now, something to note, this is NOT happening with a kid. The kid is NOT getting into bed with us, like we let the dog do. (Darn it, I still can't believe we let the dog into our bed).

Because of the getting up in the middle of the night and keeping me awake, I did not get up to use the treadmill in the morning like I was originally planning on. And as you know, that usually causes me to have some anxiety for the rest of the day.

But I had a little time to get things done at work that were work related during the day, and so I tried to focus and get them all done. I ran to Target at lunchtime, got some new underwear and pajama pants (Zeus likes to eat the crotch out of all of the ones that I own now), as well as a few cardigans. I think they will do me well because I can wear them unbuttoned over the bump (and maternity tanks to work because it gets so cold there!) and then after that, I can wear them all the time because cardis are just cute!

After work, I dedicated myself to checking things off the weekend to-do list. I folded some laundry, spent an hour on the treadmill, at my dinner...  It was a productive night. It kind of felt nice to go to bed alone, as terrible as that might sound. It was just nice to not have to worry about anyone else except for me and the dogs. I just laid down, relaxed and had a good evening watching SuperBad on TV with the dogs curled up next to me.


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