77. Run 77.

Last night I was texting the husband on the way home. I was filling him in on my plans for the evening, telling him I had planned to run on the treadmill for a little while, and probably watch the end of the Biggest Loser (I already knew who won because of all of the facebook spoilers, but I still wanted to see it for myself!). I asked him, "how far should I run? Or maybe, how long should I run?" He came back with 77. That's all he said. 77.

All right, I am always up for a challenge. Here is how I interpreted his request of 77:
Yes, 77 minutes. It felt not so long while I was on there, even though that is a decently long run. I think that breaking it up into 7 minute increments the way that I did really helped me to feel like time kept moving throughout the run.

And yes, it lasted longer than through the end of TBL, but I did get to see it and finished up the time with King of Queens on TBS. I never watched that show while it was actually airing originally, but I definitely watch a lot of it now. There are moments in it that remind me SO MUCH of me and J that it continues to draw me in. In fact, the first thing was a moment where Carrie was walking through the living room to the kitchen (in the middle of something) and Doug was laying on the couch watching tv. He had his shirt pulled up to expose his belly. He says, "Carrie, hey Carrie! What song is this?" and drums it out on his belly. That reminds me exactly of us.

He was out last night again though, he had promised his friend Chad a guys night, and last night was it. I was not interested in another night out myself though, so I made the decision to NOT make plans and just to stay in. So I ate some microwave popcorn as a little snack (the mini bag from Trader Joe's - delicious!) and a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with tuna and spinach with a little cheese. It was actually pretty yummy!

Today was another day that I let the baby sleep until 10 minutes before 6 rather than getting up at 435. It has been like that all week. I am hoping that soon I am able kick this sleeping in kick soon and get back to AM workouts. I miss them! I miss starting off my day disgustingly sweaty, etc. Now, there is a perk to evening running. I shower before bed now, so I don't shower in the morning. Now that is kind of nice, I admit.

Did you run yesterday?


  1. I love the run 77! How cool is that. I did run yesterday. and it was great. Slow miles and I conquered a course that has been mentally getting me down. I'm still high from it today:)

  2. What a cool way to break up the run, in 7 minute increments. Never thought of that before!

  3. How creative! Love it :) I didnt run yesterday, but I took a nice walk! I hate treadmill running, i need it to warm up already!


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