Two Runs on a Treadmill + a Lil Circuit

So yesterday did start off rough with me sleeping in. I was slightly disappointed in myself because the hubs spent a decent amount of time on Sunday getting the treadmill set up in the basement, where it would be much easier to use in the morning before work, because it would not disrupt the other person in the house who was likely still sleeping! But I was still determined to try it out (with shoes, and moving, which is different than I originally did on Sunday when I just stood on it to help determine the placement for TV viewing).

So at lunch time yesterday, I headed home to spend a half hour with the treadmill in its new home, watching America's Next Great Baker on TLC.
So that is the view of the television that you get from where the TM now is. Before it was on the second floor of the house, which definitely gave me anxiety on occasion, and there was no television (hence all of the setting up the laptop for Gilmore Girls or whatever.)

I covered 3.26 miles in that 30 minutes and felt ready then to head back into the office and face the remainder of my day (which ended up being LONG, or at least, it felt that way!)

When I got home I wanted to do the regular Monday routine, which involves LIFTING. Oh my first love, how I miss you sometimes. So I put together a quick and easy circuit and used my 20 lb dumbbells for the whole thing. I repeated each circuit 3x before moving on to the next.
And yes, those weights were heavy and I was extremely sweaty at the end. The 2 minute plank nearly killed me after everything else that I did! I took very little rest in between sets and circuits and finished the whole thing in 16 minutes.

While I was doing that, Jason was testing out the treadmill. His few inches on me kind of made a big difference and he ended up pushing up a few of the tiles of the drop ceiling in order to comfortably run. But he said when he was done that he liked it in the basement WAY better than upstairs despite having to move the ceiling tiles, so I think it was a win!

I cooked dinner according to the meal plan that J and I put together together last week. J normally does not help with the dinner plans all that often, but since he had been complaining a little about not getting to do what he wanted (since I was a stickler for the plan), I asked him for help and input. He wanted homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza with homemade dough. Done.
Thank you instagram for your photo-awesomeness.

It was really good. J loved it to the point of suggestion that we tell Mike (the owner of our fave bar) to put it on the menu. Wow. That is about the highest compliment my cooking has EVER received!

This morning I pulled myself out of bed to hang out with our treadmill again. It has been determined that Tuesday and Thursday mornings are my days with the treadmill. And the other days I will go to the gym (only one more day, Wednesday) is officially a run day) and J will use the treadmill on other days. Obviously, things will change once the weather gets a bit warmer, I think, but for now, this works for us.

Since I wasn't headed to the gym, I had a bit of extra time!
6 miles in just under 56 minutes while watching the Biggest Loser. And then time to stretch was left over after that! It was overall a great run. I am trying to relax about things a little in my running, after all, I am more than 15 weeks and keeping it up with no troubles. That is an accomplishment in itself!

What have you accomplished?


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