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We are in the middle of a snowstorm here in Cincinnati. At least, as much of that as we get around here in a few years. It's pretty cold, the snow has been falling since late last night, and it ruined the plans that I had for the weekend.

My mom was supposed to come down to spend time with her favorite daughter. She only has a weekend off every 4 weekends. And this was it. And we had some great plans for the day. Ok, not really, we were just going to go to Trader Joe's, maybe hit up Lowe's or Buy Buy Baby for baby stuff...  But that was about it. Nothing too exciting. But my mom was going to be here and it was going to be the first time that I saw her since Christmas, which was really important to me.

Oh well...  She will be back in down again in four weeks. By the beginning of March, it will be Spring in Cincinnati, right?

Because of the weather, I made the decision to run on the treadmill. Karen and I were originally planning on running a half today, but neither of us ended up doing that. I was prepped for the treadmill with my good laptop at home, Gilmore Girls loaded and ready to watch, and my ProCompression lime green socks on and ready. I knew a half was not going to happen, but I felt like I could get 10 miles.
Not the greatest picture, but  you can see that I got all 10 miles at a 1.0 incline! Yahoo! I am ridiculously pleased that I managed to spend 10 miles on the treadmill. I think I could have hammered out the last 3.1 if I wanted to. Maybe some day soon? I hope so!

J and I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's when the snow had stopped for a little while. I had made my grocery list based on shopping there with my mom. It had things on it like quinoa chips, almond butter, and fruit leather. Some of my most favorite Trader Joe's buys! Jason convinced me that we needed basil.
This is what came out of the basil. Basil Lemonade made in the vitamix! If this is something that sounds interesting or delicious to you, you can find the recipe here. We both really liked it, and drank the full recipe. Now J wants me to buy more lemons so we can make it again with the rest of the basil (which I thought I wanted to turn into pesto sauce). Ok, ok, I guess that can be done if he is agreeing that he wants something healthy.

I am thinking tomorrow will be 3 (ish) shakeout miles and yoga. How about you? Is Sunday a rest day?


  1. Nice job sticking to the 'mill for so long! I've done that only a couple of times!

  2. That is a long time to spend on the treadmill! I couldn't talk myself into staying inside for my run, so I bundled up and got it done in the snow. I layered perfectly, which is rare for me, so it was great. I am impressed by your dedication!

  3. Great treadmill miles! Hope the Cincinnati snow storm is over ;)


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