Sunday - I did NOTHING Day

After an extremely relaxing Sunday, I am back to the grind here on Monday morning. I was greeted as I walked over to my cube this morning with a bag of girl scout cookies on my desk. I purchased two boxes from my friend Caroline's daughter, Cayla, and I am pretty excited to have them now. Once the sugar challenge is over I may eat one or two or the box. Haha.

I was raised Catholic, and had been thinking about some plans for Lent over the weekend. There were some discussions between Karen and I about things that were good ideas to do or to give up, and what our plans were, if any. She is not Catholic, but said that Episcopalian's also have Lent - which is not something that I ever knew, and I promise I am not as sheltered as that sounds. My high school bff Christyn was Lutheran and her father was a minister, and my friend Ravi was another Protestant religion (we went to Catholic school so there were not too many examples) and neither of their religions had Lent, even though they personally thought it was a nice practice.

Anyway, the news about the Pope this morning kind of shook me a little. It is a little bit silly that I feel strongly about it, but despite the fact that J and I are not really practicing Catholics (we are more of the C&E variety, which makes me sad sometimes) I am feeling very sad about this. I do believe that yes, he has failing health, and I also believe that in some ways he is trying to set a precedent since a lot of people were encouraging JPII to set aside when his health was failing but he refused. I think that Benedict is trying to do what is best for his faith (during this year of Faith) and allow someone to be more involved than he feels he can be. But I am struggling with the fact that it will come right in the middle of the most important "season" in the Catholic faith.

Okay. Time for me to step away from religion. That was FAR more involved than I have ever been in that regard on the blog.

Let's go back to Sunday.

There was a lot of this going on:
Puppy snuggling and green pj wearing. I wore those pjs for the entire day yesterday (and then to bed again last night!) I did a little bit of work and a bit of food prep as well besides wasting time and snuggling with my favorite boy.

I also did some cooking for J and I. We have done decently at sticking to our planned meals (and I hope this week goes EXTRA well since J helped pick them!) and so I cooked what I had on the agenda for the day.
This is a recipe that I found online which I was pretty excited about because I only needed to purchase 1 ingredient for it! (the broccolini!) It is pasta (whole wheat rotini), broccolini, chicken sauasage, garlic, parmesan, and chicken broth. It was really yummy. Another recipe success!

How was your Sunday?


  1. YAY for do nothing days. I'm looking forward to one of those this weekend. I was surprised about the Pope too, and definitely leery of the timing with Ash Wednesday.


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