Sunday Fun Day?

Today I got up early and made breakfast for J and I. He had dippy eggs (lame, I cannot eat them cause of the semi-raw yolks) and I ate oatmeal. Oatmeal is delicious, but dippy eggs might have been more delicious than that.

Eventually the snow stopped falling, which made me feel more comfortable and more ready to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things that I could not get from Trader Joe's. I had some coupons that were only good at Kroger and I had planned a meal around one of them, and some snacks with the other coupons. So I marched around the store and danced a bit, working out a little doing squats as I looked at various things on the shelf, etc. I got a solid half hour of circuit work in at the grocery store.

I got home and did some cooking. I did breakfasts for myself for the week. A protein packed egg and turkey bake. It is 166 calories, and 40 grams of protein. I will match them up with some oats or veggies and have a perfect breakfast this week. I  have not made them since I was in competition mode.

I also made some cookies from a pinterest recipe that I have been waiting to try.
Oh, pinterest, you and your funfetti cookies... They were pretty good.

Tonight we are headed over to the taphouse to spend time at their Super Bowl Party. We are planning on staying for the first half of the game. It should be fun!

Do you have plans for the Super Bowl?


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