Sugar Overload

I had a major attack of Bebe Nix sweet tooth yesterday, I think. I am blaming him(her) because I certainly do not want to take the blame for how awful I ended up feeling at the end of the day. So blame it on the baby. That is what you do, right?

As a general rule, I am not a sweets person. It is just not my thing. Savory and salty are my things (exception: cake). But since a sweet/sugar NECESSITY exploded in my brain yesterday, I think it was the baby. Hard to believe that if it was 2-3 weeks later, I would have felt the baby dancing in there! Anyway, the sugar bugs definitely got me yesterday, and since I ended the day feeling AWFUL on a sugar overload (which caused me to need to sleep in and skip my date with Gym), I felt like it deserved an entry all its own.

I made oatmeal for breakfast yesterday. I made it in my favorite way. Oats, lil bit of water, 2 oz plain greek yogurt, protein powder, cold. I topped it with 1 tbsp of almond butter. Normally a VERY satisfying breakfast, which can easily hold me until lunch. However, I have a wonderful husband who likes to keep his wife and future child happy (and sugared up) so I immediately followed up my oats with some of the present that he got for me.
If we are facebook friends, you have already seen this picture. J got these for me the other day because Necco hearts have always been my favorite (PS - they changed the formula, and now I think they are kind of gross, but I still eat them?!)

I ate an entire serving of these (which is 40 (!!!) mini hearts). And then my teeth hurt. And I go to the dentist next week!

After this, I was fine until lunch time. I made myself the sandwich I had planned and everything feeling a little better about eating candy for breakfast. I had an egg sandwich and some goldfish on the side. It was what I wanted, so I just went with it. But then more sugar attacked me.
Our co-op had a birthday on Wednesday. He was 21 (awe, just a kiddo!) and so Tina, one of my other coworkers stopped at Abby Girl  which is a cupcake shop very near the office to pick him up some birthday treats. She got one of each flavor and I selected the vanilla bean. I suppose it could have been worse, I could have gotten one with filling or cookies on top or something, but this one was SO DELICIOUS. I am pleased with my selection for sure.

When I got home from work, I did what all normal people do... ignored my sugar high and watched the Biggest Loser and did my #plankaday. I was determined for the evening to stick to the plan I made. And we did! Stuck right along with it until Jason asked for cookies and so I had to have two as well.
Yep. My funfetti cookies from the other day. I failed.

Sugar overload took over my body and left me feeling downright TERRIBLE as I went to bed.

So now, I am on a 7 day-no sweets-no candy challenge. Things like trail mix granola, yogurt with fruit, etc, are ok, but NO SWEETS, NO BAKED GOODS, NO CANDY! I just need to get it out of my system so I don't want it anymore.

Wish me luck!


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