Some 800 repeats, and how hard is too hard?

So I have been having some high ankle, low shin pain over the last few weeks. It became extremely pronounced in my long run over the weekend. A half marathon definitely did me in a little bit, and so I started icing, doing some stretching and strengthening that I have learned. I was starting to worry that it might be shin splints. But it wasn't terrible, and yes, I kept running.

Yesterday, after my 6 miler, I realized that my shoes hit 405 miles. I retired my last pair at 400 miles because I was starting to have glute/hip pain (remember my hip pain a few weeks ago?) so I decided it was time to officially turn them into walking shoes. I created this on instagram last night and tweeted it out to commemorate the occasion.
Beautiful new shoes. I need to get some of my new PINK laces into them as well!

I hit the gym this morning for a little bit of speedwork. I did that because J was planning on getting up and using the home treadmill, so I decided on MWF I could go and workout at the gym, and he can have the treadmill on those days (he ended up staying in bed, which irks me, but that is beside the point).

Here is the speedwork that I hit up at the gym.
Like my Valentine's decorations? I think they are pretty. I ended up with 5x800m with a 400m recovery in between and a warm up, cool down around them. It was a tough workout, and makes me think that maybe I SHOULD push a little harder than I have been despite being pregnant? I am going to have to give that one a little more thought.

And here is my #PROOF shot, in my brand new #sweatpink tank!
Its a great top, and I really love it.

What do you think about taking it easy v. pushing when pregnant? I push, but am WELL within my comfort zone and feel like I could push MORE (sometimes, obviously, not always) and still be able to carry on a conversation, etc.


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