Running for Stress relief

I am definitely glad that I had not run in the morning yesterday. I really wound up needing that run when I got home. I was completely stressed out. I was overwhelmed. I was ready to punch someone. I cried to Jason. And then I got on the treadmill, and after that, things really started to feel good, they started to feel so much better. It is amazing what running will do to my mindset. It just makes every ok in the world.

Not only did I run last night, but I ran HARD. Here was the workout.
It was definitely one of the more difficult workouts that I have done since discovering I was pregnant. It was definitely one of the fastest workouts since then, so I am pleased about it. I mean, yes, my Turkey Trot was MUCH faster, but that was a long long time ago, and I was not even conscious yet that I was pregnant. In fact, I was waiting for my TOM to start that Monday. When it didn't, we tested, and that is when we found out. Right before my trip to race in Vegas, that I had been waiting an entire year for.

But anyway, all of that is besides the point right now. I went to Vegas, I didn't drink AT ALL, I ran the race (and ran it under 2 hours!) and all of those things were a big success. Next up, we shall see!

I found someone to take my place on the Bourbon Chase team. I am sad about it because I had so much fun last year, but I of course, have NO CLUE how I might feel come October about leaving the baby overnight (or potentially for two nights!) And I won't know until the time actually comes when I will be cleared to run again post-delivery. So I could potentially ONLY have been running for a week, depending on whether I am able to delivery normally or I have to have a C-Section (sorry, I know that "normally" is not proper terminology, but it is the most comfortable I feel with descriptions right now).

Moving away from running.

Last night following my run, I made a dinner for J and I that I found on pinterest, and was then taken to Iowa Girl Eats blog. It was BBQ chicken apple quesadillas, and they were amazing. I have a leftover one for lunch. The recipe made 4 and J ate two of them last night, so I just brought the fourth one in a ziploc with me to the office this morning and I will reheat it in a few hours in hopes that it is as delicious as it was last night. I am better.... Yes.
And the image from pinterest that sold me on this meal? Oh my goodness they were so awesome. Definitely give them a try. They come highly recommended from the Nix household!

Today is a normal Friday, for the most part. I got to work at 7 am though, so I suppose that is a little bit different than a normal Friday. J dropped his car off in the shop last night (overheating. again) and so he was driving me to work today, but there was an ice storm, so we left super early. I was relieved that someone else was in the office when I got here though. Because the alarm is my greatest fear. seriously.


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