Reflecting on our Valentine's Day Tradition

So Jason and I have a Valentine's Day tradition. I am sure that lots of couples do, and I am also sure that not too many other couples have one like ours.
This was our 4th year having our Valentine's Day dinner there. This was the first time that Valentine's Day was on a Thursday though, I think, boneless night, so it was a little bit more crowded than it had been on previous Valentine's Days.

It started the year we bought the house. We closed on our house on the 12th, and the furnace went out on the 13th. Apparently whatever parts we needed were not yet available, and this was a particularly cold and snowy winter, so it was less than 40* in our house. Luckily, J and I both still had our apartments until the end of February, and we were spending most of our time getting them cleaned up and in shape so we could at least get a large amount of our deposits back! So we had set up an air mattress at J's apartment, so we would at least have a warm place to sleep.

Feeling kind of homeless and not having unpacked ANYTHING yet on Valentine's Day, we needed some place to go have dinner. We certainly couldn't cook anything (pots and pans in boxes), we couldn't go out a nice date like most couples on Valentine's (only scrubby clothes for moving/cleaning!) and we had no food (moving = eat out a lot). So we went to the place that was our usual at the time. Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was an interesting night. The bar was dead, there were a few basketball games on TV, but none of note. There was a guy by himself sitting at the bar (we were at a high top table near the bar, so J could play Golden Tee) and he was definitely well on his way to not being able to drive home. Ultimately he fell out of his stool and ended up being escorted into a cab by a manager. It was an interesting night, and it sealed the deal on our tradition!

So last night, that is where we spent our evening, and hopefully more and more to come!

Do you have a Valentine's Day Tradition?


  1. We don't have a specific tradition actually, just whatever happens that year. We tend to go out to dinner but not venture super far from home. I miss BWs!

    1. No BWs out there in Silicon Valley? No wonder whenever the folks from Redwood City (we have an office there) are in town they want to go there!

  2. What a great Valentine's Day Tradition! I don't have a specific tradition, but I try to fill the day with doing things that I love to do! The last two years (since I started running) I've gone on a run on Valentine's day.


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