As I have mentioned, I am making a very solid effort recently to try and plan meals for J and I. On Thursday and Friday I scour the internet for recipes that look good, as well as look in my fridge and freezer for things that I have to make recipes, use up what is in the pantry, and eat the Dream Dinners that we purchase.

But, J does like going out a lot, so I try to incorporate 1-2 nights out for us per week. This is less than we used to go out, but it still makes J feel like I am not trying too much to change his life...  So I figure that is good.

Last night was one of our planned nights out. Our other one is on Saturday, and we are going to the Tap House, so last night we wanted to go somewhere else. We had decided to go to Firehouse Grill, which is a place that we frequented prior to the opening of Tap House. I had felt comfortable with the decision. I planned what I was going to order (a salad with grilled chicken, and a side of fries so I would not feel like I was missing out), and I was feeling good going into this evening.

J got home from work around the same time as I did (right around 10 after 5) and that never happens! It made me very happy. After he got home, I hung out and watched the Biggest Loser, and he went up and spent a half hour with our treadmill. We plan on moving the treadmill to the basement very soon, as it is currently in the room that will be the baby's room. And I cannot wait for the treadmill to be in the basement. Then there will be a TV/DVD player, and it will not be so close to where J is always sleeping when I get up at 430. That will make it that much easier for me to get runs in. I won't necessarily have to go to the gym every morning (when I don't feel like running outside!)

Anyway, so around 6:45 we headed over to the Firehouse planning to watch some of the Bearcats game while we had our dinner. The place was absolutely PACKED. This is a very large restarurant with a large bar, and there was NO WHERE for two people to sit next to one another and see a tv to watch the game! I knew this was going to frustrate the HECK out of J, so I made the decision (quickly) that we were leaving and going to BW3. It was a good decision in that we got there in time for the game. The food is good and consistent. We got to watch the game. J didn't get angry about not seeing the game. It was NOT good because I made the not intelligent decision to get the food I really wanted instead of the planned healthy foods. I ended up splitting an appetizers with the hubs (chips n queso), and then getting boneless wings and fries with cheese (shared with J). So all that fried goodness tasted awesome, but it is definitely sitting heavy in my belly now.

But I still made it to the gym this morning to get my run in. I told myself that I was going to be satisfied if I managed 3 miles, and then I could go lift or something after that. But Angels & Demons was on in the cardio cinema, so thank you, Tom Hanks...
Yeah! Managed to hammer out all 5 miles. Nice, Em.

I am also a leader after the first week of the #5050February Challenge, being run by The Purple Giraffe. Woo hoo!


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