Lazy Cow?

Do you ever wake up feeling like a lazy cow? Lol. That is what happened to me this morning.

But let's back up, I guess, so at least you might see that there is a little bit of logic behind this nasty feeling I am having today.

Before J and I headed over to Tap House for their Super Bowl party, we spent a little bit of time with the doggies.
Okay, maybe J spent a little time with the doggies. And yes, this is a completely normal occurrence  having both of them lay on top of him like that. Those dogs love their daddy WAY more than they love me, and I just have to lay nearby and deal with it. When one of them kicks me away though...  that is when I get angry.

We headed over to Tap House right around 5 pm. Kickoff was at 6:30, and we were looking forward to hanging out there, seeing our friends, and enjoying a meal. Tap house had a pretty good deal for the Super Bowl. It was $50 for a couple, which included 12 (!!!) drink tickets and a buffet. Because of my situation - that is what they kept calling it - we paid $40 and just got 6 drink tickets. I sort of felt like 6 drink tickets between the two of us would be plenty even if I was drinking!

The buffet had all kinds of goodies on it. These fried cheesey bites, boneless wings (their own, which I love!), pizza, buffalo chicken dip (Emily crack), chips, brownies, chili, coneys...  There was a ton of food, and I had my fair share of time to enjoy it - not to mention my fair share of food. Regardless, it was a nice time, and J made a decent dent in his drink tickets (by using 5 of them! geez!)

We only stayed for the first half and seeing Beyonce. I am really glad we went home after that with the blackout and everything. Plus, I was just so tired there is no way I was going to make it through the rest of the game, even if it hadn't been delayed for more than a half hour. I pretty much fell asleep immediately after the game resumed.

I turned off my 4:30 wake up and changed it up to 10 minutes before 6. That is where all of the lazy cow stuff comes in. I just am so flipping tired in the mornings right now. I am used to getting up. I am used to abusing my body at that ridiculously early hour. But today I was just feeling fat and lazy. Yes, I am still 100% fitting into my regular jeans and stuff, but I was feeling lazy to the point of not wanting to wear them today.

So I donned a pair of maternity leggings. 1. Leggings are not pants. I have LIVED by this rule. 2. The elastic band is currently too big for me, so they don't even fit. Lol. But I was just feeling fat and these pants help me own it.

I figured I could at least have a healthy breakfast since I was feeling so gross.
That is my egg white turkey bake that I made yesterday for breakfasts this week. It was pretty good.

I am hoping to spend a little time with Jillian (or the treadmill - I have a few #milesofshame to run!) after work. We'll see how I end up feeling!


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