More Treadmill time

Last night, after a long long long day at work (I got there at quarter before 7 in the morning), J and I made a dream dinner with a dream dinner side dish as our meal. We had the Tuscan steaks pulled out of the freezer because J had requested them as part of his birthday week meal plan. 
I had purchased a side dish of gorgonzola mashed potatoes as well to try them out, so I am planning on serving those on the side of the steak. I considered making green beans to go with it, but I got lazy when it came time to cook. I think I have potentially been trying to do too much (with the early mornings and tough workouts) but I am feeling good overall, just a little tired. But the dinner was pretty tasty!

Another Saturday long run. I skipped run group today, no one was going to be there. All of my run group friends were running a 14 mile trail race up at Caesar's Creek (near Karen's house) and let's be honest, my preggo self does not want to worry about 14 miles where there is a huge possibility of tripping and falling and getting hurt (or hurting baby), so I decided that home and solo was good enough for me.

I had 9 miles on the schedule, although that is just the schedule that I write for myself that is based off of nothing but what I feel like maybe I can run on a given weekend. So I was more than willing to change that up a little bit. 

Alas. The 9 miles ended up working out. Perfectly even...


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