Kyle's Krusade Virtual Half Marathon: Race Report

Karen and I have recently been signing up for some virtual races. It keeps my racing spirit alive and kicking while I am not too competitive, and keeps me on the run train throughout this pregnancy. I am 15 weeks tomorrow, and I ran a half marathon yesterday.

Yesterday was the first we signed up for on the year. Kyle's Krusade, which I found through Daily Mile and RunWiki's blog. You can read the story of Kyle here - Lisa, I hope it is ok that I am linking to your entries about him!
Now, I know that my running has already started to slow down, and I struggle now to hold a pace that was easy for me in the late fall, even though I am not yet lugging around an extra 20 lbs, so I am eternally grateful that Karen is not training for anything just yet, so that she is sticking with me, at least for now in my slightly slower pace!

We were originally planning on tackling this distance last weekend. But when snow hit (and Karen kind of lives in the sticks), we decided that we would be safer at home, and I did 10 on the treadmill. When we first started going yesterday, I was definitely having regrets about not sucking it up and running the last 3.1 miles on the treadmill last weekend. It was only 22* when we set out with the rest of our run group yesterday and I was definitely struggling with getting my hands warm. I had a new hat, which I ordered from Road Runner Sports (along with a few things for the Hubs bday) because it was on sale, and I kept wearing a fleece hat which always ended up really cold from my sweat and I could never figure out what to do with my ponytail. I chose this one:

Our first few miles were around a 9:30 pace. Not great, but not terrible either. We were definitely working hard to get our legs moving, BOTH of us. I kept going, kept my conversation with Karen going in an attempt to distract myself.

About half way through, Bebe Nix was really starting to bug me. We took a quick break at the gas station so I could use the restroom. Again, SO GRATEFUL to Karen for dealing with me. But I guess she knows EXACTLY what I am going through, since this was her just one year ago. :)

After my restroom break, things got MUCH better. My speed picked up, I started to feel better, and we definitely negative split the run. I knew going in that a 2:00 half was likely NOT going to happen since I struggled getting sub-2 back in December in Las Vegas in good weather and barely even knowing that I was pregnant.

But despite everything, we ended up finished 13.1 miles in 2:00:56. I am really very proud of that time. I know how hard I worked for it, and I know that Bebe Nix is already proud of me. :)

Did you race this weekend?


  1. Thank you so much for donating, running and sharing. People like you restore my hope and more important the hope of the O'Connor family. From my heart to yours thank you!


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