Keeping Up The Distance

I have been trying to keep up with the running goals for the week that I laid out in yesterday’s entry, knowing that Saturday will be a short race. I woke up at 4:15 am on Tuesday (my alarm officially goes off at 4:35 am) and I was pretty wiped in reality, but I also knew that at that point I was not going to get back to sleep, so I might as well drag my rear end down to the basement. So I hung out with Teek until 4:30 and then got dressed and went downstairs, turned on the Biggest Loser (recorded from Monday night) and started my workout.

Here is the workout I ended up with:
65 mins
It ended up being a really great workout that left me feeling good about how hard I worked, especially when I wanted to just stay in bed. I wavered over and over about how far I was going to run and how far I even needed to run. I was like oh, just 5 miles, and then just 50 minutes…  And I just kept changing things as I continued to run. It just came to the point where I was like… oh yes, let’s just keep running. And I did.

Here we are at the end of the workout…
65 total minutes, It left me finished workout out around quarter to 6, which was right in time to handle my little pups before 6 and before I needed to head upstairs to take a shower and get ready for my day. It ended up working out just perfectly. I felt pretty good about this run, even though it was a tough and undecided one. I definitely spent time questioning myself as I did this workout. can I keep that pace up (8:42) for a full mile? I was unsure, even though just last week I did a very fast workout! I should just trust my body, right? I mean, my body (as it turns out) made a person that I was unsure of being capable of.

Last night we went out for our friend Becky's birthday. We went to Marion's Piazza up in Mason, which is the first one opened down here. It is a favorite of a lot of our friends who went to school up in Dayton (basically MOST of my friends!) so they are always picking that place for their birthday dinners. Personally, I love Marion's, but J is not necessarily a huge fan. I love it because I really enjoy the super thin crust pizza that they have there. We just got our pizza with bacon, and that is it. I loved it so much.


  1. seriously impressive wake up time!! Great progression run, I haven't done one since finishing my last race but you have me thinking I might do my long run that way this weekend!

  2. Wow! You go girl. I am not yet to the point of waking up that early...maybe someday!


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