Keeping the Meltdown in Check

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I am not entirely sure what caused it to be so rough, but I cried at work a little bit. I had a few meltdowns to other people (Karen, Leah, my boss’s boss, Doug). I didn’t get my run in first thing in the morning which definitely threw off the rest of my day because I truly think that is what keeps me calm. It is good, but at the same time what happens if this pregnancy stops allowing me to run at some point? What will I do, and how will I stay calm then? My friend, who is also pregnant, was big into CrossFit, and continuing to go and really enjoy it, making strides forward without pushing herself too hard. But then they discovered that she had some cysts that are not interfering with her pregnancy, but they want to make sure that they don’t. So she no longer is going to crossfit. I know that it stresses her out a little bit to not get that stress relieving activity. And while I am grateful that I am still running at this point, I am nervous for the day when I no longer can.

I suppose it may not come until the baby is born, I can always hope that is the case. And once the baby is here, then I will be distracted for a few weeks until I am cleared to run, I assume. To all of you moms out there, right?

I know that I have been incredibly selfish lately, so I am going to try and work hard to focus on the baby and the fact that what I am doing and how I am handling myself needs to be right for him/her. I need to eat to fuel BOTH of us, not just me. And he/she will really appreciate the extra healthy foods and veggies that I can hopefully squeeze in over the next several months, now that overall, my tastebuds appear to be back to normal, just extra HUNGRY! Hungry at this point, I suppose is normal. After all, according to my what to expect app, baby is the size of a sweet potato this week! I eat those, regularly, sweet potatoes are not small! That is unreal to me.

So after returning home last night and feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out, I decided I definitely need to spend some time on the treadmill. It was absolutely necessary to get a run it.

I was definitely pleased with this run and the pace that I was able to run at consistently. I know that hard work put in now will pay off in my post-baby redemption marathon (I am already planning it, and YES, it is absolutely sub-4 or BUST this time around). I am starting to feel good about my running all things considered with pregnancy and stuff. I need to remember that I am potentially the exception for pregnant runners and not the rule. We will see how it continues as I move on and grow even bigger, but I know that lots of women do not even make it as far as I have!

I got up this morning and ran another 6 miles, knowing that I would feel pretty good if I was able to get a morning run in. I knew that would help start my day in a much calmer state of mind. Hopefully, I should be able to keep all of the emotions in check today, so we will see how it goes today!

Does running keep you sane, like it does me?


  1. Many days I have to run to avoid a mental breakdown. There are much worse "bad" habits, right?!

  2. I find myself less patient and eventually exhausted on days on which I don't run before work. On those days, I get home from work, anxious to run. It always makes me feel better and energized.


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