January Goals Review

Sorry for yesterday's rather dramatic entry, but it truly is something that I am worried about, whether that is completely rational or not.

It is hard to believe that it is the first of February, so I think I am going to recap my annual goals and their progress.
1. I did not run ANY races in January, however, I signed up for 3 virtual races, the 3 races in the Flying Pig Beer Series, the Glass City Half, the Shamrock Shuffle, and I have started contemplating what my big comeback, post-baby races may be in the fall. As of this moment I am leaning the Indianapolis Monumental Half. It's not too far, it's not until November, J and bebe could come with me. And I will be able to RACE instead of taking it easy. No goals yet, but its a strong possibility.

2. This month I made 3 new recipes.
A. Sweet potato muffins
These little babies have made for awesome snacks. I froze half of them too, so I will be getting that second half out soon!
B. Crockpot salsa chicken
I threw corn and black beans in mine for some extra flavor and fiber! This recipe was a hit and had lots of leftovers.
C. The failed chickpea lentil stew
We have already discussed the failure of this recipe.
Regardless I have cooked three new healthy recipes (with two on the agenda for next week as well!) so I only have 7 more to go to meet this goal for the year!

3. I have logged into My Fitness Pal every single day. I am actually at a 125 day streak!

4. 213 was kinda of a number picked from the air. It was because I felt like 200 was too low, but I was nervous about 250. With the baby and all of that...  So since it was 2013, I decided for 213. I define a workout as one where I need to change my clothes again. So if I am at the gym and I lift AND do cardio, it's only one workout. But if I go in the morning and run, then go back at lunch or something (or do the Shred after work like yesterday!) it's two. So in January I did 25/213 workouts. That means I have 188 workouts to go for the year!

5. Run 1200 miles.
I ran 116 miles in January, as you can see from the above screenshot from my Daily Mile. :) In addition, I maintained my goal of a minimum of 20 miles per week. I have 1,084 miles to go this year! By the way, I said "run" 1200 miles when I made this goal since I was not ready yet to reveal that I was pregnant. Because I am, walking miles will also be acceptable and added to these totals. :) By the way. Last January, I had just started Flying Pig training, and I only ran 76 miles... just thought I would let you know how far I have come in a year!

So there is my January goals recap! Where are you on your 2013 goals?


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