Hubs B-Day Spectacular!

Today is the hubs birthday. Admittedly, I got him a few lame gifts, but I hope that he likes them anyway. I got him one thing that I knew he wanted for sure though. Tickets to see Joe Rogan when he is in Cincinnati on March 1. That is his "real gift" which is from me. However, Bebe Nix, Teek, and Zeus have gotten him some gifts as well. He opened his gift from Bebe Nix this morning.
I ordered it from Zulily. Nothing special, but it is fun, and it definitely ensures that Bebe Nix will be dressed to satisfy daddy.

Teek got him some gu chomps (since every time she went into the room where I was hiding them she tried to get them). Zeus is giving him 2 Ken-Ken books because he likes to get in the way when J is trying to do his KenKen puzzles. I also got him a pair of running shorts because they were on clearance for $6. Not special, not beautiful, but whatever.

I decided that this week I am going to focus on time rather than miles. Maybe this is a step in my conversion to an ultra-runner? Probably not, but I can say that. Yesterday I ran for 30 minutes. Today I ran for 60.
Tomorrow my goal is 50 minutes, and Thursday I am going to go for 65. Friday I will do 60 again, but it will be walking and hills! I am enjoying all of this so far. I am trying to adjust to the fact that I am not training for something too specific right now, except for birth, but still trying to hammer out some really great runs. I am slowly getting into the swing of them. By that, I mean I am slowly adjusting to what I need to do in order to keep myself healthy without going overboard and staying happy/stable.

It is ALL about being happy and staying healthy for the bebe. I will let you all know tomorrow if J is excited about his tickets!


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