Gearing up for a Race

J and I are racing on Saturday morning. It will be J's first race since Columbus, and my first race in... two weeks? haha. Granted, I have only run virtual races since Vegas, but at least I have a few race recaps that are posted since December, even if they are not the best times I have ever run and stuff.

But on Saturday morning, we will be running together. It is the first race in the Flying Pig Marathon’s Beer Series. The first race in the series is the BeckFest.  BockFest5KThe bockfest is a simple straightforward 5K race, that will be taking place in the Brewery District in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati. This is in the northern part of downtown. It is in the area of a few of the different races that we have run together over the last few years. Mostly running the Hudy in the fall, has taken us through this area before. I might have hit it a few more times in other races that I have done myself, but the Hudy is probably the only one that we have previously done together. I think J is relieved that it is only a 5K. His goal is to hammer the race out in 40 minutes, which I think he can absolutely do. My goals are pretty relaxed at this point. I plan on hammering it out in about 28 minutes. Not my last 5K (22:35 on Thanksgiving Day) by any stretch of the imagination, but I just would like to keep things under 30 minutes for as long as I can.

And because it is a race series, there is some bling to go along with it.
I am pretty excited to USE this bottle opener medal (who am I kidding, I will never actually USE it, I just would like to have a beverage.) We had a bottle opener on the Hudy medal from last year, and J said that it was not very sturdy, so I guess it might just be for show and for fun!

I will be getting in a few long runs before the race day. I think J is probably just hoping to get a few runs on the treadmill that are just close to the distance of the race, and he will walk/run it. But me, because I might not get a long run in on the weekend (doing just a 5K race) I am going to try and make sure I am at over 20 miles on the week before we get to Saturday. I am tentatively planning on getting up early and squeezing in a 10K (ish) on the treadmill before we go downtown, but I will be playing that by ear, since we are out on Friday night.

I will write more about my prep to hammer out a preggo 5K (although not a preggo PR, I already got that) later this week.


  1. I'm looking forward to collecting that bling as well. Are you guys planning on doing the whole series?

    1. Yes, although for the first time since it has been "back" I am only running the 7K instead of the 14K. It hurts my ego a little bit, but I have no idea where I will be on being allowed to run again after the baby!


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