Anxiety = Nothing to Say.

I am running this afternoon. I didn't get up this morning. Hello my name is lazy (or pregnant. I think I can claim that one for this!) J is going out with some of his guy friends to a local brewery nearby to celebrate his birthday with them, and so I will play on my treadmill and then cook myself some dinner. Time/distance is TBD. I would say it depends on what shows I have on my DVR, and how I am feeling at the time.

J used the stick on my hammies and left calf the other day. My right calf is now ridiculously tight (potentially protesting from NOT getting treated by the stick?) so I have been compulsively stretching it out, in hopes of it just letting go of whatever knot it has decided to love. I am also setting it up that my knee digs into it when I cross my legs. Whatever works, right?

And I am feeling extra anxious today. Nothing that a second cup of coffee (decaf - don't worry so much!) won't cure.

I am thinking that there is a chance (albeit a slim one) that my body MIGHT have a few (ok, 4) mile repeats in it for later on. Yes, I enjoy torture. Yes, I plan on doing these at 6.7 mph. On the treadmill. With Glee on in the background. That is how I will get through 7 miles. I am thinking 800m of recovery in between the repeats. Of course there will be a little warm up and cool down as well. I am obviously not 100% on getting this workout done yet, as I am not sure how I will be feeling come 5 pm, but I will certainly be running SOME.

All right. I know. This entry is majorly boring. I will just let it go for now. Ha.


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