A Successful but Busy Day

Another day, another time to figure out what is the next step in being a future mommy! Today's plans include picking up bagels & Starbucks, heading down to Kentucky to see J's sister and father, then heading up to Deerfield to hang out with Karen's sister and give her a little accounting lesson. She is a business major and is taking her first accounting class, so I told her that I would study with her. I hope to goes well and easily. At least I know that she will pay me in coffee from Starbucks (where she is a manager!)

After our study session (I am shooting for around 2 hours?), I can come home and do my Sunday cooking. The plan is to make a breakfast dish to last us for the week, and this week's breakfast plans include something that J will enjoy as well, I think. We are making breakfast burritos! Eggs, sausage, spinach and cheese rolled up into whole wheat tortillas. Then I think I will roll them up into foil so I can just toss the foil packages into the oven in the morning and J and I can walk out of the house with a nice hot breakfast. Anyone have breakfast burrito advice?

J and I swapped our second weekly dinner out last night for eating at home and decided that tonight will be an evening at Tap House. I am looking forward to my buffalo chicken wrap (so glad I found something there that I am interested to eat again). No real plans on timing or anything like that, but it will be sometime around 6 or 6:30, I think. It will just be a nice relaxing evening where we can spend some time together.

J has expressed a lot of interest lately in going out with other people more, which definitely throws me for a little bit of a loop. I am not really used to him suggesting that, as he used to complain about people talking during games or whatever when we would be out. But if he wants to hang out with other people now? Ok, I will work hard to make those plans for him. We will go out with other people. I will handle setting things up with my friends, maybe once per week, even! I hope that will work for him.

I have been really busy today, but I feel like I have gotten a lot done, regardless. Although I am feeling a little bit yucky because I decided that I wanted a bagel for breakfast and one for lunch as well! That is a lot of useless carbs. It taste good though. I know I should not worry so much about it, I should just make sure that I am getting the right nutrients, etc, but ugh! That is SO HARD for me. I cannot relax about it. I am hungry a lot, but that leaves me feeling riddled with guilt.

I am taking a deep breath though and MOVING FORWARD.


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