A Morning Strength Session

I really feel like I started today off on the right foot. Even more so than other Monday mornings. I mean, the previous two Monday’s I slept in and ended up working out at lunch or after work. Today I managed to drag my rear end out of my nice warm bed where I was cuddling with my little grey furbaby and get my rear end to the gym. Not just to the basement where my treadmill lives, but to the gym! I am extra pleased with myself for that one. I always plan on strength training on Mondays, but recently, I have not dragged myself out of bed with the gusto needed to get to the gym first thing in the morning. But today… It was a much better day, and I managed to get myself to the gym bright and early for a little strength training.

Here was this morning’s strength workout (which I am PROUD of!)

strength It has been quite some time since I got such solid lifting in, in all honesty. Some days I feel sad about that, like I have left my first love behind. But I know that I really have not, I just have found something new and different that I need to explore, as being competitive with it does not upset my husband in quite the same manner that competing in a bikini contest did! Oh running…  thank goodness there is you…

My legs were beat by the end of this workout. I did not use particularly heavy weights, at least not by my old standards. I needed to be careful because I am not sure how heavy is too heavy with the baby hanging out. I guess that is something that I should research and see if I can figure out. I kind of remember a preggers gal the only time I actually went to a crossfit box. For most of our strength that we worked on, she used only the bar, and a 15 lb kettlebell when we did the swings, if I remember correctly. But she was also far more visibly pregnant than I. But I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. So I only squat the bar. I did heavier on leg press, but I am not worried about balance or anything with that machine. I figured that was a good way to go about it?

I hope to hit my home treadmill for a half hour or so at lunchtime or after work today. It depends on how my day is going WHEN I will be doing that, but I am looking forward to shaking these stems out after working them this morning. I know I have a half hour show saved to watch on the DVR (that I purposely did not watch yesterday!)

I ate one of the eggoritos that I made yesterday for breakfast this morning.
Oh my goodness. It was delicious. J also LOVED it. He text me after he got to the office this morning, I think just to let me know as I have not heard from him since. Haha. Regardless, I am ALWAYS grateful when I do something different and it winds up being something that he likes.

Any major weekend accomplishments to share?


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