A LOT of Words

Here we go, Monday morning...  Another day of work. Another week of workouts. And I am trying to really hammer things out this week. I am ready to feel more in control over my diet, which I have been struggling with far more than exercise. I feel like I cannot complain about exercise too much when I am getting 25-30 miles run every week, some strength training, and a little crosstraining with a rest day.

So I am hopeful that this week will be an up week with my food intake and that way I can feel less stressed out about everything. I really have my fingers crossed for that. I just need to be able to eat healthy wonderful, good for me foods that will nourish me AND the baby. I am slowly beginning to remember more and more about the baby and that he/she is there. Maybe I am slowly becoming less and less selfish. I guess that was something that I needed to come to terms with before the baby got here in order to be a good mom.

I feel like I want to set up some new food related challenges for myself and my husband. We are getting MUCH better about eating meals at home, which automatically makes them much healthier than where we were initially (because we were eating out so much). I think the next step would be to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets. I wonder if a challenge is the right way to do that for us. You know, something like "eat 5 servings of veggies per day". Neither of us do that now, I am nearly 100% certain of that.

But at the same time, part of me feels like this isn't the time to be trying so many new things. I just need to eat and work hard to get a balanced diet. That needs to be the most important thing at this point. And I suppose adding more veggies certainly cannot hurt, but I just do not need to put additional pressure on myself? I don't have it all the way figured out yet, I definitely do not have all of the answers yet, and I hope to keep working on it and trying to find all of the answers that are not there yet!

I am planning on trying to squeeze in a little run at lunch today. I just feel like that feels necessary right now. I am enjoying getting in a quick three at lunch time, like I have on Mondays over the last two weeks, even though Monday has not really been a runday before. I think that should help me feel more secure about things.

This morning I did a little bit of circuit/strength training, I found this workout online, so thanks to Jess for posting it back in December. I am still good for crunches and stuff as of right now, so hooray!
It might not be the holidays any more, and I might not be traveling this week, but that does not make it any less great of a quick at-home strength workout. And yes. On Monday mornings, I am pretty lazy about dragging my rear end to the gym even though I should.

So something to note...  I have been putting $150 into a savings account every month for a pretty long time. I have been emptying it sometimes (like to help pay for our trip to Mexico last summer, our trip to Vegas in December) but continuing to add more money into it. I am nearing $1,000, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me, considering I have been lousy at saving money, pretty much forever. So I definitely am proud of myself.

And now I am trying to decide what do to. I told myself when I created my goals that I should save $1000 and spend it on something fun. In my mind, I am pretty sure that something fun means a bicycle. But now, with the situation that we are in currently, I am not sure that using my saved up money to buy a bike is the way to go. :( I am afraid (well, not afraid, that is the wrong word for this) that I should use the money to start a savings account/college account for Bebe Nix. I feel like that is what you are supposed to do when you have kids.

I guess maybe it is a conversation that I should be having with J. But at the same time, we have been talking about buying new appliances as well (in the kitchen) so maybe I should be putting my money towards those. I mean, already I am putting my bonus that I got to pay for baby furniture and any thing that I have left can go toward appliances, of course, but last year he bought me new cabinets and new countertops, and this year he wants to do appliances. I LOVE the idea of doing that, and I would love to have a beautiful new fridge, etc, but at the same time, do we really need it?


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