A few Solid Runs

I am definitely, absolutely struggling with my body right now. I am flustered about the fact that I am growing in the middle despite crosstraining (2x), running (4x - 25-30 miles per week), and lots of yoga, stretching and sleep. I know that it means I am growing a healthy baby, and I am PROUD of that, but it definitely does not make things any easier for something who has frequently been a little bit too intently watching her body. And I am definitely struggling with it, but I am also continuously reminding myself that I am doing the right thing for my body by continuing to train it, eating LOTS of healthy, nutrient dense foods (and some fun foods too!), and allowing it to grow.

Despite my internal struggles, I have been working hard to knock out some miles. On Monday, after work, I hammered through my 3 #milesofshame for the 49ers Super Bowl loss in the Pavement Runner's contest. Yesterday was pseudo-speedwork. I did a ladder workout on the treadmill.
It obviously is not as fast as it once was, but I am happy with the results of it, and feel like I definitely got a great workout from it. Today I hammered out 5 more miles at a 9:21 average pace, which was tough considering yesterday was really tiring, but I was happy with it anyway.

I also made this smoothie for breakfast for J and I.
It was from my Vitamix cookbook and was called the Ruby Emerald smoothie. It had 2 cups water, 1 apple (I had green apples), 1 cup kale, and 1 cup frozen raspberries. I only had mixed berries, so I went with it. I LOVED how it turned out. I thought it was super fresh and delicious.

I also did a short and sweet plank this morning.
Good to get them in even if they are short, right?

How are your runs coming along? Anyone training for Spring races?


  1. Great job on the workouts, I love ladder runs. It really breaks it up :)


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