A Baby Update + the Usual - Running

I ran again today. Shocker, right? The planned 50 minutes on the gym treadmill. Yes, the treadmill and I have become quite close this winter. The whole not wanting to fall and harm the baby on any slick spots or get kidnapped in the pitch black 5 am hour has done a lot for the love of my treadmill. I will go into the workout here in a minute, but first, a baby update!

A quick 16 weeks and 2 days update:

  1. I am definitely finally growing a little. My regular jeans DO still fit and maternity jeans are still a little bit big, but I can see roundness that is beyond my early pregnancy (or the I just ate Chipotle) bloating.
  2. Along with the belly, I feel like my inner thighs must be growing EVEN LARGER than they were. Trust me, I have thick thighs. I don't mind it. But body glide is becoming even MORE essential than it used to be.
  3. Every now and then I am embarrassed by myself at the gym. I wore a tank top last week and felt like I looked like a cow in it. It's all about the belly that I never have had before. It seems scary and foreign to me. I know I should just suck things up and OWN IT after all, I am PREGNANT, but I can't help the insecurity.
  4. Similarly, I just upped my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal to "gain 0.5 lbs per week". It has taken just as long to adjust to that fact and relax about what I am consuming. Yes, it is only about 250 calories more per day, but I get heart palpitations thinking about it. 
  5. We have officially started discussing a baby shower in Toledo - mostly because Jason is ready to start planning his own golf outing for the day rather than out of necessity to plan a baby shower. Its early yet to even THINK about it.
  6. We have our gender ultrasound (and only ultrasound) on March 6. This shall remain a secret to us (and to nearly everyone else) until March 8. We are having a reveal party at Tap House Grill on the 8th that will involve pink or blue cupcakes and pink or blue shots (I will not get a shot, so I think that means I get two cupcakes - that is fair, right?)
This morning was the gym and a 50 minute run as I had originally planned. I remembered to body glide up before I left the house and luckily I did not have any issues today (unlike yesterday). At the gym I watched highlights from the MI State and Indiana basketball game and did this workout:

It was another good one. Not quite as quick as yesterdays, but I was pleased with myself for maintaining that 7.2 for 5 minutes. It was definitely not easy, but it was not as difficult as I had anticipated either. 

Tonight's dinner plan includes bison burgers with bacon and cheese! I am pretty excited about them. I don't think that I have ever had bison burgers before. I will serve them with sweet potato fries. Yum!


  1. Fun way to reveal the gender, we were boring and just told :) Great job on the running.

    1. Well, I am happy because cupcakes are involved. You can't go wrong with cupcakes! :)

  2. Totally know the feeling of being insecure early in pregnancy! I feel like that goes away the more obvious it becomes that you're pregnant, and not just a little rounder in the middle. :) Congrats on the baby--I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes super smoothly!

    I've been super tight with my treadmill this winter, too. :) Everybody warned us that it would just collect dust, but we use it almost everyday. Take that, doubters!!

  3. Love the baby update! Definitely own that pregnancy and baby belly!


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