Weekend Food Prep

I spent the weekend trying to get things together for this week. Last week, I spent some time on Thursday and Friday planning the meals for J and I this week, as well as looking for a few recipes that I could make for snacks, breakfasts and lunches this week to help keep things on track. So this weekend, I worked hard to accomplish a lot of things.

It started on Saturday with a request from my husband.
Chocolate chip cookies. I used a little cookie scoop to make them, which is why they are like little bubbles rather than flat and round. So I guess they look kind of funny, but he said that they tasted good. I also made chocolate pudding for him.

Later on Saturday night, we were watching a movie, and I got up to change loads of laundry and this happened:
I get up for just a minute and then the pups steal my chair. They looked so comfortable though I was not about to make them get up, so I was a good doggie momma and sat on the floor.

Sunday was the really big food prep day. I dedicated my entire day to getting things ready to go for the week.
Protein waffles - I made a bunch and J and I ate some for breakfast yesterday and then we froze the rest to toast for breakfasts for this week. I had some today, in fact!

Cinnamon Swirl protein bars - I made this one other time, and J and I both really enjoyed them. He took one to work today for his breakfast!

Sweet potato muffins - these ones are gluten free! They were not originally gluten free, but I was out of regular flour, so I swapped it out for oat flour, and my oats happen to be gluten free!

I also roast a little chicken (my first!) and shredded it up to use in our various dinners for the week, and cooked one dream dinner that I was pretty sure J would not be a fan of (white sauce) to eat for my lunches this week.

I am getting off here soon to head to the gym and get my workout in and then start running some errands. It is going to be a great day, and I have lots of things planned to get done today, and I am looking forward to it. Here we go!


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