The Great Pregnancy SLOW DOWN

Admittedly, now that I am into the second trimester (almost typed semester, wow!), I know that the number on the scale is going to being to go up. It hasn't so far, and I have been watching it like a hawk. I have been weighing just once per week. In the mornings, after using the bathroom and before working out. I have been within the same 0.2 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. And yes, my doctor believe this is perfectly healthy and normal for someone so active, so do not worry your pretty little faces about it!

I am ok with it. I know that it just means that I am growing a healthy baby and I think I am as ready as I can be for this to happen.

The part that I am not sure that I am ready for is slowing down. It happened a little bit almost right away, keeping my "fast pace" at just under 9min/miles (when I was hammering out 8:15s with ease on shorter runs previously) and when I do "speedwork" I keep my 800s at around an 8:30 pace. I am still trying to incorporate some speedwork into my running, just to keep up my fitness and stamina, even though it is slower than it was previously, but I also know that as I continue to grow, and the baby continues to grow, my body is likely going to force me to slow down even more.

Karen says that by 28 weeks she was barely able to keep a 12 minute mile. That scares me to death. I haven't run that pace since I first started running! (I used to set the treadmill at 5.0 and just leave it there until I was able to run 4 miles at that pace. Then I started picking up some speed!) So I am trying to come to terms with the fact that it is coming. I am also trying to remember that the speed will return (and remember how fast Karen has gotten from pushing the stroller!) and just keep my head up.

So this morning on the treadmill I decided to work really hard on a run. I was not SUPER pushing speed or anything, but I was definitely playing with it. Here is the workout I did:
I am pleased with the workout overall, and it felt good to get in 5.5 more miles for the last day of the CHILLY CHALLENGE! :)

I have signed up for PavementRunner's #MilesofShame Challenge to follow up the Chilly Challenge. I picked the 49ers for this game (even though J prefers the Ravens) because I have decided I am a HUGE Colin Kaepernick fan. That guy is awesome. Quick, great arm, thinks on his feet... wow. :) So let's go Niners!


  1. As someone who ran through pregnancy it is such a personal thing and changes daily how you feel and what you can do. Some days I felt great and was close to my pre-pregnancy pace and other days running sucked! The key for me was listening to my body and just renewing my love of running, knowing I was not racing or proving anything.

    1. I am working hard to try and remember those things. Especially the listening to my body one, as I definitely have been one to push too hard or too far. I guess I am a work in progress?


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