Stressful Morning, and some WORKOUTS

My day has not started out on the best foot. I am really feeling irritated at the moment, and there is very little that I can do about it right at this moment with it being negative wind chills and single digit temps and still dark outside. I am trying to remain calm about the whole thing and not worry so much about it, but honestly, it was the WORST way to start a Tuesday when I am going back to work after a long weekend.

Basically, I got up at 4:35 when my alarm went off with the intention of hitting the gym for a run. My legs were feeling pretty tight from strength training yesterday (I did a darn good job on the legs yesterday - workout below) so I was hoping that running them out would help loosen everything up. I even was thinking that it might be a good plan to try and throw a little bit of speedwork in there with some 800s on the treadmill. With the temp being what it is, the treadmill is really my only option as of right now.

I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway. As I started moving forward, I was greeted by a lovely problem that I have had more than one time before on a cold day...  a sticking gas pedal. I am moving forward because of whatever pent up energy that cars have, and knowing I have had this problem, I do not worry about it too much. I know that eventually it is going to unstick. It just does, usually. So I gently pumped the gas (so when it unstuck I would not shoot forward SO much) and kept moving forward. Since it was so early, there was no other traffic on my street, but I did not want to go onto a main road before the gas pedal was working again.

And then it happened. The cable must have broken, released, or something...  but the pedal dropped to the floor and nothing. It did not surge forward like it would if you "floored it", it just hung there. So I turned into a parking lot. Sighed. Turned the car off. Ran back to my house, fighting my tears. I told J what happened, accepted the fact that a run is just not in the cards for me today, and sat down to the computer to research the problem. I think I have it figured out, but with J and I? We don't really "get" cars, so I think I will still be having it looked at by a professional. J did idle it all the way back to our house (just one block) for me though, so at least it is in our driveway!

On to happier (at least for me!) news. Let's talk about my long run on Saturday. Karen and I ran 10, again, and we are continuously seemingly doing it more quickly each week. Here is this past week's run.
Average pace of 8:53/mile. See how our splits kind of jump around a lot? It was TERRIBLY windy, and the slower miles were when we were running into wind, and the quicker ones were when it was a crosswind or even occasionally (VERY occasionally) at our backs.

Yesterday I actually had the day off, so I hit the gym early in the morning. I had plans yesterday to lift full body. Here is the workout that I did yesterday.
I did all of the exercises except for planks and lateral raises as supersets with the exercise next to it (leg press+calf raise, etc). It was a TOUGH workout, and I definitely failed the last few reps and had to drop weight on every exercise by the 4th set, so I am considering it a win!

Hopefully I can get in a few decent runs this week since today was a run fail.


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