Sticking to a NEW Schedule

We have now entered another work week. I am still slammed with everything that is going on for the end of the year, and I imagine it will be this way until our audit is over in mid March. I am already looking forward to that time. It is not busy season in public accounting though, and I always need to remind myself of that. It can always be worse. I am finally starting to come back from my vacation though. Last week keeping focus was a huge struggle, and today it went pretty well. Although I did not accomplish everything that I wanted to, I got a lot done and was able to continuously focus on what I was doing. I am calling that a "work win."

After work, I did some upper body strength training at home. Here is the workout.
I used my 15 lb hand weights (so 30 lbs total) for them. It was tough, and I definitely was wiped out afterward. I took no rest in between exercises and just a small one in between sets and I finished it in 20 minutes. I did it at home and was able to sleep in this morning, which made everything even better!

I made my own copy of Sara OUaL's training plan last week, and I had started to get it personalized for myself. I am hoping that it helps me to keep things on track. I am an accountant after all, so spreadsheets are my life! Thanks to Sara for that, in case I needed one more thing to make me Type A about my training! But I am hoping it helps me to stay on track with some strength training and yoga as well. With my crazy tight hammies, yoga will do this body good!


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