Pre-Flu Achievements

Ok, let's go back to some good things prior to me being completely 100% knocked out by the flu on Saturday night. Let's go back to Saturday morning, when I met my group for a run. The full marathoners were scheduled for 12 miles, with the half marathoners running 6. Not sure exactly where I fit into that equation right now (not training for a full, endurance is much higher than 6 miles) so I chose to run 10. Here was what Karen and I ran together on Saturday:
We were pleased. We picked it up a little from the prior two 10 mile runs that we did (average of 4 seconds per mile faster), so I guess we are nothing if not consistent, and neither of us are training for a marathon right now, so we are enjoying the fact that our long run paces are quite a bit faster right now than they were when we first started running together in July. We have nothing to complain about there!

After I got home from my run, I showered and dressed because J and I had a busy day planned with lots of errands. We started by going to the car dealership to pick up J's car. He had dropped it off on Wednesday night for one tiny little fix, and they had not gotten in done until Saturday morning. Suffice to say, J was QUITE upset about that, and I do not blame him even a little! They did not even do everything (he also needed a new battery, but it had been decided that he would skip that because the cost of installation at the dealership was a little bit out of control.

So we took his car over to Sam's Club after that, so they could do the battery. That was just the cost of the battery with no mark up. So obviously that was a much better choice. While they were doing that, we did our every other month Sam's Club shopping. We stocked up on frozen chicken breasts, sandwich thins, granola bars, all of our usual suspects. His car was just getting finished up as we finished our shopping!

We ran a few more errands before we decided to stop at Whole Foods! We don't always grocery shop there. In fact, we don't often grocery shop there, but when we are out there, we sometimes decide it will be fun to stop there and pick up a few fun things! We happened to pick the RIGHT day to go! They were having their employee chili cook off! So each department created their own chili and had little cups for you to try them, and then you could vote for your favorite! It was so fun.

On our way out, we decided to browse the frozen foods and each got ourselves a pint. We are both determined to make our pints last 4 nights, since there is supposedly 4 servings in there. I got this little gem:
OMG. It is unreal. I ate my first serving of it for dessert last night. It is not high in protein like regular greek yogurt, but it had all of the awesome tanginess of it, and I just thought it was amazing. Go buy it now. :)


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