My Healthy Dinner and a 6-spot

As usual, J was pushing last night for a dinner out. I was feeling guilty about the things I had been feeding my body over the last several weeks (the holiday threw me off track and I ended up with a ton of days after that where I would eat an obscene amount of candy after dinner - so not necessary!) so I laid down the law on going out. We had planned dinner already, so that was what we were having. J proceeded to spend the rest of the night whining about how starving he was. It was just lovely, as usual. Ha!

But because there was a plan, we went with it. Leftover lasagna (and then I would freeze the rest for another time) and salad.
My salad was baby spinach, bleu cheese and a raspberry walnut vinaigrette. J had a caesar (no way was he going to eat bleu cheese!) As a dessert I had an apple with peanut butter, which I was very happy with. It hit the spot, and I steered clear of bad foods!

This morning, feeling refreshed after making good dinner choices (yep, I am going to give that credit yet again!), I hit the gym for a run. This week, I want to do a 6 mile day, a 5 mile day, and a 4 mile day (in addition to my Saturday run). I had no idea what exactly I would end up with this time, but I went with the treadmill because it was 19* (less than 10* with windchill) when I got up. It's supposed to get warmer today, but not yet!

I ended up completing my 6 mile run today like this:
Mile 1 - 6.3
Mile 2 - 6.4
Mile 3 - 6.5
Mile 4 - 6.6
Mile 5 - 6.5
Mile 6 - 6.4
For 6 miles at a 9:18 average pace. I was pleased with hammering through 6 on the treadmill! It has been a while since I have managed to get that done!

Have a lovely day everyone!


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