Ladies Night In

Last night was a much needed night out of the house with friends, but it did not involve a restaurant. Those are the best. We had food that was not awful for us, enjoyed our time together, got to talk and see two new babies (one 3 weeks, one 9 weeks), and really had a great time with my girlfriends, the ones I have had since I was 20.

We had decided that going to someone's house was way easier than going out, so we just went to Becky's house, originally having the plan to order pizza, which was changed to fajitas and fish tacos, which ultimately ended up being taco soup. It was delicious, regardless.

I made my vitamix guacamole.
(Recycled picture from the first time that I made it, but I did have it in the same container!) It was pretty much a hit, I have about three tbsp left, which i plan to use with my dinner tonight.

The taco soup that Becky made was a weight watchers recipe (if you google it, you will definitely find it - it seems to be rather popular) and it was really good.
I tossed a little cheese on this after I took the picture, but skipped the sour cream. It went really well, I think. we got through a lot of the soup. And Katie made like a taco salad, with romaine, roasted corn, tortilla strips and a spicy ranch dressing. It was super simple, but so good. I had second helpings of the salad. I think I will be making that on a regular basis for my own lunches and dinners because it was super delicious.

Overall, it was a great night with my friends, and I am really glad that I got to enjoy it with all of them. Katie is in charge of planning our February get together, and I just sent around a message offering to host March. I think I want to have it "in" again, like we had this night. I think we will do homemade pizza with my special super awesome crust! :) It was such a success for J and I that I really want to do it again soon, and this will give me the opportunity!


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