Food Planning - Reflections and Next Week

I have been having a nice time this week planning and thinking and packing all of the food I cooked this past weekend. It really is assuring me that being organized in that manner makes my life better all around. So I am hoping and planning on continuing what I did last weekend (although this weekend I will likely do my grocery trip on Sunday instead of Friday like I did last week since it is supposed to be snowy and yucky through lunch tomorrow!)

I actually spent a little time on my "Foodie Fun" pinterest board yesterday as well as clicking links off of other blogs for ideas of food I could make that would be good for breakfast and for lunch (since I am trying to bulk cook for those and have one meal out per week!) and then dinner ideas that will be filling and healthy for me and the hubs. Next week might be a tricky week because I have a haircut one evening - so crock pot might be the way to go - and J has requested that we make our triumphant comeback as a couple to our favorite bar (which I have been scared of since that was where we ate right before I got the flu).

Regardless, I am looking forward to cooking and planning again next week, just as I did this week. It has been enjoyable and has overall kept me on track with my intake, in a much better way than I even expected. Granted, I bought some candy on Monday, which definitely threw a wrench into my plans and intake a few times, but I was sick of that yesterday and threw the remainder of the bag in the trash. Especially since it was candy that I really didn't even like!

If it wasn't for that candy and the snack demons that attack me (even when I am not hungry!) when I get home from work, I would be just fine on the planned food. So my goal next week is to step it up a little more (and not buy candy at the store!) and try and better deal with the snacking and eating what I have planned every single day. It is enough to get me through, and I am certain of that because it is something that I am VERY careful about. So no worries about anything there, not that you would necessarily!

I took a rest day today. J has been watching TV late into the night over the last few nights and I have been struggling to get to sleep while he has it on (because its usually college basketball and J and referees NEVER get along - if you catch my drift) so I was feel EXTRA tired. I plan on scoring a few miles tomorrow, since my workout was double on Monday and I got in my Monday strength and my (usual) Friday hill walking. We'll see how many I end up with though! :) I feel guilty about NOT getting a run in today, but I am trying to remember that I had a goal of listening to my body better.

Do you feel guilty when you miss a workout?


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