Date Night with J

I went home early last night, armed with information from Jon (Karen's husband) about my car. I felt well prepared to get the gas pedal reconnected and be able to start driving it again. I got my gloves and hat on (it was still like 12* outside) grabbed a flashlight and got to work. The description that Jon gave me was dead on. He described your gas pedal as being like a teeter totter. One end has the pedal, then it is hinged to the car, and the other end is where the cable connects. Having that teeter totter description really made it make sense to me and I felt comfortable under there and got everything reconnected. I drove it to work today. :)

After I hammered through the car fixing, I went back inside, got out of my warm clothes and into some shorts for a quick date with the treadmill. I had made the decision that since I got home early and the car was easy to fix, I might as well get through a FEW miles.
You can't really see it all that great because the flash got in the way, but I ran 2.501 miles in just under 23 minutes. I kind of did a little speedwork LIKE workout. I ran a few uptempo (8:30 pace) 400s. Which is a lot faster than the majority of my runs, especially treadmill runs, lately. I enjoyed it, but it was tough. I may try again tomorrow during a more "normal" length (5-6 miles) run. We'll see!

After the little run, I decided to get ready. I had planned a special date night for J and I weeks ago, which was a reservation at Melting Pot, my favorite restaurant. We are normally sports bar people, so we usually go there like twice per year, and my birthday is usually at least one of those occasions. If you know me, you know that make up and dress clothes are night part of my normal routine. But I decided to make an exception yesterday, and got dressed pretty.
The orange is a blanket that I had around my shoulders, but I am kinda of impressed with myself that my skin looks good and my eyes look so clear! Nice work on yourself, em! Dinner was DELICIOUS as I had hoped, and I am glad that we got to go. Next time we do, will probably be for my 30th birthday! Omg, hard to believe I will be 30 this summer!

It was 12* when I got up this morning, so to the gym I went and hammered out 5.34 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes. It felt pretty good today, and I was definitely pleased with the workout, even if it was slow-ish (9:21 average pace).

I am grateful for every day that I workout and feel strong and healthy. What are you grateful for?


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