Back on the Run Train

I am beginning to feel a little bit more normal. Tuesday was rough still, Wednesday was better, and today I am mostly feeling like myself again, as well as able to eat like myself, which is always great. I have a lunch date with Karen at Panera at 12:30, which I am extra looking forward to since it has been a week since I have been there when my stomach was in working order (I went there on Tuesday but just had soup and bread since I was still a little queasy). So hurry up and get here!

Along with feeling pretty good yesterday, I managed to get out there and get in a run at lunch time. I wavered on it all morning until I actually forced myself out of my chair and into the locker room at the office to get into my tights and stuff. I might have fought myself at the time, but boy am I glad I got out there.
So my average pace for this run was 9:08. Pretty spot on with a lot of what I have been doing lately, but it felt HARD. I suppose that is my first run post-sickness hard?

But that didn't stop me from finally returning to 4:35 am for another 5 miles this morning. I ran them on the treadmill at the gym since all of my running tights are in the dirty laundry. The bonus of this run was the fact that I out 5 miles on some new shoes!
These are my asics cumulus 14s that have been waiting patiently to move into rotation since I bought them at the Columbus Marathon expo in October. My 13s have close to 100 miles left on them, but I had made the decision last night that if I got up and went to the gym, I could test the new kicks. It worked, apparently! :)


  1. I would have had those babies on a long time ago! You are very patient ;) Nice reward for getting up early though!

    1. Yeah, but I had the 13s hanging out still with lots of miles left, and sometimes I get nervous having more than 2 pair in rotation. Is that weird?


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